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Bedroom Wallpaper Designs That Spark a Kid’s Imagination

While it is extremely easy to paint the walls of a child’s bedroom, the end result is not particularly interesting, so it might be time to find some wallpaper designs that are playful and whimsical. Unfortunately, over the years, wallpaper has developed a rather negative reputation, and the older versions of wallpaper probably came by their reputations pretty honestly. However, developments in wallpaper manufacturing have improved the usability of wallpaper making it easier to apply and remove than it has ever been in the past. Now that installing wallpaper is easier than ever, take a look at some wallpaper options for a child’s room that are sure to spark imagination.

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere
There is a veritable cacophony of wallpaper patterns from which to choose. Gone are the days of fruit and flowers strewn across the walls; instead, you can choose magical fairies, cool cars, cartoon characters, and just about anything else the imagination can conjure. Since every child has a favorite toy or hobby, look to see what suits the child when selecting the perfect wallpaper. If completely remodeling the room, then the sky is the limit; however, if some of the old furnishings and bedding will be remaining, make sure that any new wallpaper blends nicely with the existing furnishings.

Solid Choice
To add texture to a wall, consider solid colored wallpaper. Not all wallpaper has to be a busy pattern, and solid colored wallpaper is a great way to add bold color and texture to a room. By creating a focal wall with boldly colored wallpaper, the room gets a pop of trendy color, which can be easily changed when a new color trend strikes. This type of wallpaper can easily be coordinated with other elements in the room like flooring, linens and bedding for a dynamic and sophisticated look that older kids will love.

Magical Murals
Since most people are not accomplished artists, one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to add a mural to any room is to hang a wallpaper mural. For a kid’s room, add a colorful highway for a truck themed room, or a stadium for a sports themed room. Add a garden mural for a little girl’s tea party, or a stage set for the budding performer. Applying a mural wallpaper to the wall is just as easy as applying standard wallpaper, because the paper comes packaged in sections that are simply hung in order. By carefully lining up the sections during installation, a beautiful mural unfolds.

Finding whimsical wallpaper designs or custom mural designs is easy to do online where there are literally hundreds of choices available. While shopping for wallpaper online is convenient, it cannot be touched or seen in person. Plan to visit wallpaper outlets or home improvement stores, both of which carry a huge selection of wallpaper designs. Do a little research before settling on a purchase, and in the case of a child’s bedroom, it may be a good idea to narrow the selection down to a couple of choices and let the child make the final cut. senior staff writer, Alyssa Davis, specializes in designing with guitar metal wall sculpture and basketball metal wall sculptures.

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