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Automotive Industry News Courier Week (may 3


In this age of information explosion, busy all day if you have time to focus on industry, big or small place? It can make good use industry market trends? HC Automotive net for the majority of users send the most professional, most authoritative, most industry highlights the depth of the weekly review for you in a timely manner, a comprehensive understanding of automotive electronics industry dynamics provide the most convenient channels.

Understand the automotive electronics market dynamics, see if the industry this week News Express.

Industry observers:

Low-carbon “Expo” big brothers to feel the pulse of the domestic auto electronics industry

Abstract: When the Shanghai World Expo will be a high-profile singing “green travel” when the moment into a low carbon economy, people’s lives, all with the “low carbon”, “Expo”, “green” is also linked to these keywords gradually heated up. For the automotive industry, energy-saving products have become the dominant force, car entertainment navigation products are a great stimulus to the development of the industry, and to bring new vehicles Product Development. More>>

Hot market is a chain reaction behind the rear

Abstract: In the “Expo”, “Beijing Auto Show,” “Fair” and other series of hot spots is concern, the car may also occur after the market surging chain reaction. On the one hand, the rapid development of automobile market to stimulate rapid economic growth; the other hand, vehicle information terminal, to provide content services for consumers, for consumers to enjoy the expansion of space from the car parking spaces for a full range of services perspective, after the car development of the market brought about by the warmth. More>>

Car to catch the express train-vehicle information services burgeoned 3G

Abstract: 3G era is an era of change, when the 3G technology into the car, the auto industry will look very different, and especially in-vehicle information services. On the one hand, vehicle information is conducive to driving directions, so that the second car into the consumer space for office and home entertainment; the other vehicle information due to its inexpensive nature, it is possible to eliminate the traditional GPS. More>>

Week Topics: Car GPS

false in the end how much business relationship with the hardware?

Abstract: In the face of false positives in life situations Car GPS, many people mistakenly thought that GPS manufacturers produce errors, but by understanding the working principle of GPS is not difficult to find that it has a custom save location, which with the use of develop a search process to confirm the destination is correct, after completion of a good habit. Thus, with the further development of the map industry, car navigation systems GPS navigation software would be more accurate, but we live in so-called false positives and car GPS navigation hardware itself is not related. More>>

Automotive Electronics Boutique into the 4S shop climate mature?

Abstract: With the car’s lower net profit Car sales, 4S shop more and more value automobile market, the bulk of the automotive products are still based on non-automotive products began to enter car showrooms. Although to some extent limited by the manufacturers, but because the market 4S shop repairs depression, such as GPS systems, car carpet, chassis armor, car leather, car audio and video electronics boutique modified products is likely to become a hot product. More>>

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