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Amsoil is a name renowned among automotive and motor sports enthusiasts; however, what a lot of people don’t realize, is that Amsoil is also a long standing direct selling company. The company was founded by Albert Amatuzio, a Lt. Colonel and jet figher pilot in the Air Force. Amatuzio observed the important role synthetic lubrication played in keeping a high performance jet fighter in the air. Knowing that these same attributes would be invaluable in automotive applications, Amatuzio set out to create a synthetic formulation for vehicles. He launched his first commercially sold product in 1970, which led to the creation of the Amsoil company. In 1972 Amsoil became the first synthetic motor oil to achieve American Petroleum Institute specifications.

Since those early days, Amsoil has gone on to become a pioneer in the field of synthetic lubrication. The company now offers lubrication solutions for automotive, recreational, agricultural and industrial applications. The company has also expanded into more product lines such as Mother’s car appearance care line, Trico wipers, Donaldson and Wix filters, Altrum nutritional supplements and Aggrand organic fertilizer solutions.

Despite the fact at it’s heart the Amsoil opportunity is a direct sales business, the company provides its dealer network unsurpassed opportunities to build a substantial business in the marketplace. In addition to the traditional model of direct selling, that allows dealers to purchase at a reduced wholesale cost and sell at a higher retail price, the company also encourages the development of commercial accounts and retail on the shelf accounts. In the commercial and retail on the shelf accounts, the enrolling dealer becomes the servicing agent for those business entities. Also, Amsoil offers retail sales opportunities through catalog orders and dealer replicated websites.

The Amsoil business operates on a stairstep/breakaway compensation plan. Dealers progress in the levels based upon their group sales volume and upon their recruiting efforts. Each level has qualification requirements for achievement and these qualifications are based upon not simply the productivity of the individual dealer, but also of their sales group overall.

There are plenty of advantages that a prospective dealer finds with the Amsoil business opportunity. The first of these advantages is company longevity and name recognition, especially in the automotive arena. Because the company is a frequent sponsor of motor sports events, racing teams and even the Sturgis motorcycle rally, little explanation is required when introducing the company for the first time. Another substantial advantage is the ability of a dealer to partner with commercial businesses and traditional brick and mortar retail establishments. These two components can be substantial money making avenues for the proactive dealer who is prepared to invest the time and energy to go after these types of accounts. Additional benefits would include the low startup cost, the wide selection of marketing tools available and the ability to sell a diversified product line.

There are also some challenges a potential Amsoil dealer must be aware of if they are going to be successful in this particular opportunity. This is a volume based business, so it is critical that the dealer develop that volume through both the active recruiting of additional dealers and the acquisition of high volume users such as commercial and retail on the shelf accounts. The business will also put a dealer into direct contact with a customer base that in many instances is highly advance in their knowledge of mechanical systems and lubrication. It will be critical for the prospective dealer to take advantage of the training resources made available by Amsoil that can help them become a capable expert when speaking to these types of individuals.

As with every direct selling business, it is necessary that a prospective Amsoil dealer learn their craft. This will not only include the knowledge of mechanical systems and lubrication, but also needs to include basic business building principles. The ability of a dealer to excel in personal branding, lead generation, product presentation, follow up and replication cannot be understated.

Getting the right start as an Amsoil dealer is critical to your long term success. Let Carl Willis teach you the skills necessary to succeed in building your Amsoil MLM business.

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