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A Review Of Reviews On Cytoplex


There are many meal real placements out there and we both know that some are effective more than others. So does this mean the same for Cytoplex or is it not all what it seems to be? Well this article will give you some insight to wither this is true or not.

Using some of the leading edge technology Cytoplex is said to be one of the best meal replacements that is not only proven to supply efficient energy after workouts, but help burn major fat. And to look further into this, here whats in it.

Basic Ingredients of this product:
Calories: 260
Total Fat: 1.5g
Total Carbohydrates: 21g
Protein: 41g

As you can see by the ingredients, there is a somewhat okay amount of calories and there is only about a few grams of fat, and it is high in protein.

Also, Cytoplex is said to use a proven formula that increase the rate of dramatic weight loss.

Heres some more info about the formula used in this product that I dug up:
The Cytoplex formula also features an innovative new cabohydrate blend precisely calibrated to support dramatic and sustained increases in energy levels throughout the day. And to help insure adequate levels of important nutrients, Cytoplex’s super concentrated formula is fortified with high potencies of 24 vitamins and minerals, along with and innovative matrix of powerful micro-nutrients and amino acids that help to maintain proper metabolism.
Now before we get into some costumer reviews on this product it may be a good idea to read the following closely. Since you may start to believe that this product might just be the answer to getting the body you desire, you may want to consider that meal replacements like this are made to help you, and not exactly do everything for you.

Now back on topic, here are some reviews I picked up:
1.) Pros: Initial weight loss

Cons: weight loss not sustained

As with most people I know, I’ve spent years looking for the quick, effortless, (magic) weight reduction pill that will allow me to watch my favorite TV programs and lose weight at the same time. I have spent those same years firming an opinion about all of them – they don’t work the miracles you expect.

2.) Pros: Contains high quality whey protein, tastes great, and is a quick and convenient meal.

Cons: Price is a little high but the quality of the product makes up for this.

The Bottom Line: Cytoplex should be used by anyone who needs to gain muscle or lose fat.
So if this product stands out to you, then it may be something that can benefit you.

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