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2011 Forecast: Upcoming Trends In Fabric And Wallpaper


Wallpapers play a very important role in the interior design of our homes and lifestyle homewares. If you choose the right shade and design that best fits your personality, you’ll have light and happy days ahead. But, if you choose the wrong one, expect headaches and regrets to haunt you in the future. We renovate our homes because we want a more comfortable and pleasant space to live in. Our homes are our refuge so it is just about important that we make it pleasing to our eyes.

Here is a forecast some on the most popular fabric and wallpaper trends that will make happy homes in 2011.

Woodperry Fabric. The Woodperry Fabric by Veere Grenney is stylish and very sophisticated. It is perfect for homes which have minimal furniture. The wallpaper alone is enough to accentuate white and empty space. It is perfect for the lounging or entertainment area in the house. They will also give empty home offices a spark of character.

Silhouette Print Collection. This design offers striking duo-tone graphic patterns. They will suit the taste of home owners who want to make a stunning style statement in any interior. The collection offers a wide range of options to choose from. Silhouette prints of lovebirds, maple leaves, and Henna decorative prints are sure to make every home stand out. The unique mural Academia imitates the design of books that can give homeowners an instant library. These designs may favor the taste of eclectic individuals who want to be different but everything in this collection is sure to add an inspiring touch to your home’s interior.

Coffe Brown. This color was a huge hit in the 1980’s and interior design experts say that coffe brown is bound to make its way into the home interior of every stylish homeowner this year. The forecast says that combining coffe brown schemes with more modern patterns will give homes a different touch of earth hues in 2011. The relaxing palette makes the wallpaper ideal for bedrooms and offices.

These wallpaper trends are guaranteed to make every home stand out. But before starting out anything, it is very important that you speak with your interior designer. Having no wallpaper preference in mind can cause major challenges in interior design. Check out as many wall papers as possible. Do not limit yourself to the fashion homewares stores within your community. Browse online home décor shops to find the best deals.

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Visit us at Pink Paper Rock for the latest in home fashion, bargains and treasures for the home.

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