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With the market getting increasingly crowded with a range of windsurfing equipments, choosing the right one can be quite a task. Especially, choosing an apt windsurfing board can be quite tedious. To facilitate easy purchase of windsurfing boards, glancing through a few board reviews can always be quite helpful.

Board Reviews

BIC Jungle: BIC has time and again come up with great beginner surf boards that are easy to control and fun to ride on. The BIC Jungle surf board is great for beginner and freeride surfing. The BIC Jungle surf board is equally competent in light and moderate wind and wave conditions. This board is about 10 feet in length and 175L in volume. The surf board offers good stability and is designed to facilitate easy maneuvers and turns along with easy uphauling. It is recommended that the BIC Jungle comprises of BIC Nova/Cruiser rig for beginners. The BIC Jungle has a good rocker line that provides good gliding and planing performance.

BIC Techno Pro 57: The BIC Techno Pro 57 facilitates easy different styles of windsurfing like slalom, wave surfing as well as freeride. The Techno Pro board offers good speed and swift maneuvers, be it moderate or strong wind conditions. Measuring 244cms in length the Techno Pro has a volume of 85 liters and weighs only 6.7kgs.

F2 Guerilla 8’0: The F2 Guerilla is240cms in length with a volume of 68 liters and a 8.0 fin designed for wave surfing. Small in size, the F2 Guerilla is extremely easy to maneuver and planing. Several surfers opt for the F2 Guerilla for its good upwind performance. Its relatively smaller size makes it a compact surf board that that spins rapidly in the air. It is recommended that you use smaller sails with the F2 Guerilla for optimum performance. 

Fanatic Freewave 86: A freestyle and wave surfing board, the Fanatic Freewave 86 is 245cms long, 86 liters in volume and 25cms fin. Surfers like this board for its easy maneuverability and great adaptability. The Fanatic Freewave board is equally competent in light and strong wind conditions. It is recommended that you use sails measuring between 5m and 6m for choppy conditions while a 5.4m sail for freestyle surfing. 

Naish Kailua: Meant for amateur windsurfers, the Naish Kailua is 278cms long and has a volume of 231 liters. It is 100.7 cms wide, which provides extra stability so essential for beginners. The Kailua is great for planing and easy to learn a range of maneuvers of your choice. The Kailua performs well in upwind conditions and allows smooth transition between planing and non planing conditions. Since it does not offer quick acceleration, beginners need not worry of being thrown off balance. The Kailua comprises of a 32 cm fin along with a center fin with blunt edges that minimize the risk of any injuries. The Kailua is meant for recreation and allows a nice cruising experience for surfers of all ages.

These are just a few of the prominent surf board types and manufacturers that you could choose from. If you think the surf boards do not match your requirements then you can even customize your surf board according to the requirements.

The author, Marc Fredmen has a vast experience in windsurfing and regularly shares his thoughts and ideas about windsurfing on basic windsurfing. Learn more about windsurfing boards at windsurfing boards

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