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Who?s In, Who?s Out: Today?s Best Fabric & Wallpaper Designers


The fabric and wallpaper industry is proud to have a wide range of big names to date. Designers, old and new alike, are competing against each other by coming up with unique designs that every household is sure to love. Here are the some of the leading fabric and wallpaper designers.

Osborne & Little (O&L). Osborne & Little was started in London in 1968. The company was started by Peter Osborne and two of his in-laws. They all shared the same passion for creativity and entrepreneurship. Since then, the company has been known for its unique wallpapers. The company’s success paved the way for expansion. Through the years, they have expanded to fabrics, furniture, trimmings, and other home décor. The designs have captured the hearts of a global market. To date, O&L is the worldwide distributor of world renowned designers like Nina Campbell, Liberty Furnishings, and Lorca. Osborne & Little is now known for its creative excellence and topnotch fashion homeware creations.

Designers Guild. Designers Guild just released its highlights for the season – Zephirine prints and wallpapers, Bernardini weaves, and Trevelyan silks. The designs have captured the hearts of homeowners from all across the globe. The Zephirine designs take inspiration from the theater and grand garden designs – digital prints, new panel designs, delightful floral, modern architectural motif, and shimmering silk grounds. The Bernardini feature a combination of weaves that include velvet, satin, and wool jacquards. Travelyan prints, on the other hand, are soft silks that come with a soft-washed finish. The collection includes large scale checks and multi-colored stripes.

Clarke and Clarke. Clarke and Clarke is a relatively new brand from UK. Their new release, Academy Velvets, is a huge hit and has made them a front liner in the fabric and wallpaper industry. The collection features luxurious designs of cute pile velvets that provide a wide range of decorative options for different home styles.

Everybody can now access these amazing designers online. Pink Paper Rock, gives every homeowner the chance to scour through a wide range of equally outstanding fabric and wall paper designers. In just a click, they can check out works of home stylists and world-renowned designers. The site also allows shoppers to find the best deals in the home industry – furniture, wall paper, etc. Pink Paper Rock is sure to be a useful guide to men and women who want to renovate their homes and create a sanctuary that they come home to every day.



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