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What Should We Do In Resume Photos, Videos and Portrait?

You should consider carefully on the position that you are applying and the sort of that business. Whether or not you mail or e-mail a picture or photo or video or portrait with your information or printed on your resume?



What Not To Do: In the USA it is NOT a good idea to include a photo or video or picture because Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations put the employer (not the candidate) between a rock and a hard place when photos, videos, or pictures of the applicant are included with or on a resume. This may not be true outside the U.S. (See examples later in this article and where to get more info.)


What To Do: Recommend your friend publish a free “lens” on Squidoo dot com or add a portrait with her resume on visualCV dot com She can display all she wants. At visualCV dot com she can password protect her contents. She can empower target employers these websites.


Why: What To Do?: The EEOC has not commented on Internet applicant image searches or discovery. Interested employers are going to do a Google search no matter what. It’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) agreed?

The government is foiled. How can the EEOC prove that someone from a hiring organization (e.g., at home or at a public place) checked out the applicant’s business, career, and social websites? The EEOC cares less.


Unasked-for applicant images received by employers that show race, weight, or for example, candidates confined to a wheel chair spell trouble. Mail room personnel are instructed to destroy (shred) mail that might have photos or videos enclosed. A former Fortune 500 client firm trained mail room staff to find and destroy mail that “looked like” it might contain unsolicited resumes or job applications so there would be no evidence who applied there.


Exceptions – If you are applying for a job as a model or television announcer or any job where your personal appearance is a key and true part of the job you will be asked to submit photos, pictures and even a video of you along with your resume and “credits.” In my opinion that’s lawful.


Bonus Tip – In many European countries not only are photos invited many companies insist that you hand write your cover letter. And now I would like to offer you free access to a weekly teleseminar where you’ll learn why they want hand written cover letters and any other employment and career questions you have. You can get your instant access at

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