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Weekly news in pictures: October 3rd

As a rule, we will start a new week by reviewing weekly news through pictures. The world in the previous week has a lot of news on social activities and natural phenomenon. Besides that, photographers all over the world captured wonderful photos of various events. For example, nearly 700 Londoners dressed up as gorilla to join in Great Gorilla Run held annually to raise money for saving the endangered primates by Great Gorilla Organization. In addition, a Chinese man surprises people by inserting a live snake through his nose and pulling it out through his mouth. Let’s find out other weekly news in pictures as follows:


A runner made up himself like a Che Guevara guerrilla gorilla taking part in the Great Gorilla Run in London



In the quarter-final basketball match between USA and Korea, cheerleaders contribute to make the Women\’s World Championships in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic take place successfully


A passenger jet flying past the moon was spotted by photographer Christopher Tomas in Queensland, Australia


The central Seoul’s sky is colorful with South Korean Air Force fighter airplanes performing on the anniversary of the recovery of the capital in 1950


A man who is jumping off a river to boast his skills is spotted in a stunning performance in Belgrade, Serbia


Photographer Clark Little managed to record a big wave on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii


In an image taken by NASA\’s Great Observatories are the Antennae galaxies located about 62 million light years from Earth


The image of a burning apartment building was captured in Busan, South Korea


Long March 3C rocket, which is carrying China\’s Chang\’e-2 lunar probe, lifts off from the launch pad at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center


A digital billboard to promote South Bend public schools in Indianna which has a spelling error was pulled down after five days


While walking in the park of Clifton Downs, Nola Hersey took photograph of a weird face in a cloud at dust


Yang Guanghe from southwest China\’s Guizhou Province shocks people by inserting a live snake through his nose and pulling it out through his mouth


Strangely, near the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles are both a rainbow and bolts


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