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Warming Up a Room With Wallpaper

Whenever a homeowner decides to make changes to their home, there is a huge selection of options from which to choose. Often one of the big design decisions that will come up during a remodel is whether to wallpaper the walls or paint them. Many homeowners will choose to paint simply because they do not have any experience hanging wallpaper. However, today’s wallpaper are much easier to install than versions of even a few years ago.

No Boring Walls

Oftentimes wallpaper is the preferred method of styling a room’s walls, because it adds color, pattern, texture and style to an otherwise boring expanse of wall. There are countless retailers that sell wallpaper, and as a result of the sheer variety of wallpaper that is available, the selections can be overwhelming. Zeroing in on the perfect wall covering for a home can depend on a number of different factors, and these factors will vary depending on what the homeowner wants to achieve in a room’s design.

The homeowner may have a type of wallpaper in mind when they are deciding how they want a room to look. Perhaps a wallpaper pattern caught their eye when staying at a hotel, watching television or visiting a friend. The problem with falling in love with a wallpaper design in another space is that while it may look fantastic in that application, it may not look quite so great at home. That is why it is a good practice to bring a test swatch of wallpaper home to see how it plays off of the room’s décor and accessories. It is helpful to work with a local vendor when buying wallpaper, because trying out different swatches is very convenient.


Whenever a remodeling project is being planned it comes with a budget, and depending on the size of the budget, wallpaper may be too costly. So it is always prudent to be aware of limitations in the budget when selecting different wallpaper designs to include in a makeover. Some wallpaper selections are a good deal more expensive than others, so be aware of which wallpaper selections will fit into the budget and which simply will not.

Generally speaking wallpaper brings with is a certain warmth to any room’s decor. High quality wallpaper can add an elegant touch to a room’s design, and just about any wallpaper can help to add interest to a dull room design. When wallpaper is installed correctly in a room, it adds a lot of style to the overall look.


Sometimes it takes a pretty vivid imagination to be able to picture the effect that wallpaper will have on the look of a room, and it is absolutely imperative that it be hung perfectly. For first time installers, it is important to get help and advice during the installation process when and where it is needed. The net result will be a room that feels warm and inviting while displaying a very purposeful sense of style.

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