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VW Jetta TDI Review


Seen it, but wonder how the car fares? This VW Jetta TDI review might just help you find out just that. It may be common to think that economical cars should look cheap, and that luxury cars are not meant to be practical. However, Volkswagen has ripped this frame of mind with their VW Jetta TDI. The VW Jetta TDI is available in either a compact sedan or a sports wagon. For either of them, its overall outlook makes it practical to use on day-to-day errands, or make it to a fancy occasion in style.



The best thing about this car is the TDI part of it, where it is designed with 2 liter, 16 valves turbo chargers that force the air onto the fuel to form greater explosions, meaning greater power. Yet, from the exterior, this powerful combustion is quiet and smooth, although from inside the car, you might experience a short and slight rattle when you turn on the car’s engine. However, once you are on the road and driving for some distance, you will find that this feature makes the ride such a cruise, and does not lag so much when you take up speed.



For this car, you can choose either a 6 speed manual or 6 speed direct shift gearbox automatic transmission. For the automatic, you can easily change gears, although this would take up just slightly more fuel than the manual one.



Other than that, the car looks elegant, without looking too much like a practical box, yet still able to instill practicality in its design. Its wheels uses 16 inch alloy that looks classy and it has the turn signals on the side mirrors so that cars from the side can see your signal. The doors are heavy, so it does not sound like cheap metal when you close them. Apart from that, the interior looks clean, and the layout shouts class.



Although this car does not come cheap, but over time with the fuel calculation, you will find it worth your money. All in all, anyone who fancies economical but good-looking cars, the VW Jetta TDI might just be the thing for you. Hopefully, this VW Jetta TDI review has been a great help.

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