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Toyota’s recall caused a big stir in the global automotive industry, its influence has been far beyond the Toyota. For the domestic automobile market, from Toyota, the event raised the quality of the user for the suspect vehicle might affect their car purchase decisions, and even allow auto market into a temporary slump.
Amid the voices of doubt in the foreign brands, but few voices of domestic enterprises to monitor their own cars and reminders. Reporters that the large international companies such as Toyota, because of business ideas, development strategies, as well as to reduce costs and other factors could lead to a major security risk, then the strength of the domestic automobile enterprises, especially enterprises in general autonomous vehicle is also likely to be the design and manufacturing issues, and its problems when the probability of not less than Toyota.
Journalists do not do not support their own brands, but the key is not blinders, can not ignore the safety and reliability, quality of service and other big problem, not to condone their own brand name of “protecting national industries” flag of poor manufacturing quality products and providing endless less than satisfactory service. If so, support their own brands will not be able to benefit the people, but more easily than the joint-venture brands have significant risks to mislead people. If so, is the people’s sorrow is also the misfortune of their own brands.
How do I prevent this from happening? First of all, in dealing with automotive quality and services, should be treated equally independent brands and joint venture brands, should not be practicing double standards. Spoil their own brands, not only will make it the quality of lightly, endangering the safety of consumers, but also allow them to go abroad after exotic subject of public criticism, in order to discredit the Chinese brands. Second, the independent brands in the design and manufacture must not Shitongerxi, but should be thinking about this car is for fellow open, more alert of the heart, meaning less reckless.
In addition, enterprises in the development of autonomous vehicles in terms of speed to be controlled, can not be pursued in order to attract the eye, or simply engage in the sales of the size of the Great Leap Forward, “Zoom Satellite.” Historical experience has proven that rapid pace of development, unrealistic increase in size, can only lead to short-term prosperity, but will become a lot of hidden dangers. Can not be blindly copied the design, manufacturing can not be blindly on the volume of sales should not be blindly Yaku, services can not be a fool blindly. If so, get a brief sales success, but lost a long-term fundamental business career, as well as the public trust and reputation of their. So, when reporters heard that some brands “make a big faster”, has doubled sales year after year, I saw some of their own car prices of products of successive major problems when the number of own-brand dealers heard the factory when the strength of Yaku, I am very worried.
Own brand, you may walk more slowly and more pragmatic of the heart, more objective laws and more responsible at least for their populations. Who is today ignored the user’s security and interests of dealers, who may in the future to pay a heavy price. AGV’s sincere hope that all enterprises are able to benefit people and businesses to consider the fundamental long-term, reflecting a minimum of corporate responsibility.

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