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Video Store – Where Are You?

Remember when you could go to the video store and browse the latest titles? Perhaps you could pick up a movie and some movie theater treats and go home to your very own movie night. But lately it seems that more and more video stores are going out of business, shutting their doors and moving on. Why? Doesn’t anyone watch movies at home anymore?

People are still having movie nights at home, but they are doing it differently than they did just a few short years ago. Instead of stopping by the video store on the way home from work, they are selecting movies using self-serve kiosks at gas stations or fast food restaurants. Or they may be browsing electronically through their computers and televisions. Watching movies at home has changed drastically in a very short time!

Many of us miss strolling down the aisles and looking at all the choices. Sometimes it makes deciding a lot easier if you can see the movie case on a shelf. It is quite a bit different than going through an online catalog or trying to make a decision while there is a long line waiting behind you. And then there are the treats. All that movie theater candy that the video store sold, even if it was overpriced! Picking out a movie at the store was part of the movie night experience.

However, going to the video store had its drawbacks. Many times the movie you wanted was not available, especially if it was a new release. The prices could be high and then there were those deadlines! Most of us have made the frantic run to return a video before getting a late charge.

As technology has evolved, so has the way we watch movies. You can now get almost any movie streamed instantly to your television or computer. With services such as Netflix, you can select any number of movies and they will be shipped to you in the order you want. You can have a new movie to watch every day with their low monthly subscriptions. You can even watch movies using your gaming console, such as the Wii or Xbox. Netflix will send you a disk and you can browse and select from a variety of movies and television episodes to watch instantly on you TV using the internet connection on your game console.

It looks like the corner video store is going the way of the drive-in movie. We will remember it fondly, but warmly embrace the new way of watching movies at home. Pass the popcorn please!

Cathy loves family movie night and watching the latest releases at home. She also enjoys making a cup of cocoa with her Cocoa Latte machine on a cool, fall evening. Of course Cathy makes the best hot cocoa using her hot cocoa maker for the perfect cup of cocoa every time!

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