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Video Card Problems

There are many symptoms for video card problems like crashes, display corruption hangs, and more. There are many types and models of video cards, and there are many solutions for the problems that can appear.

You should first check if the drivers are installed properly. You can look for them on the hardware installation disc which you usually get with your graphic card, or you could look for them on the internet. Just install the drivers if you don’t have them or you can update the existing drivers with new ones.

You should also install the newest motherboard chipset drivers because this could cause a problem too, because people usually only check the graphic card drivers.

There is one problem with games that crash. It is often believed that it is related to graphic cards, but it is not always the case. Sound drivers can be a problem in this particular case too, because it happens that the sound drivers are damaged and could cause a crash off a game. You should first disable your sound card and see if the game crashes and if it does not crash it’s the sound drivers. If it crashes again after disabling the sound, you should check for the newest drivers for that hardware.

There is one problem that can occur because of the cooling as well. The graphic card has its own cooler and it can happen that the cooler drops dead. That can happen if the cooler is dusty, so dust blocks him, or if there are smokers near the computer so tar gathers on the cooler. You can try to clean the cooler and see if it works. If you can’t get your cooler to work, you should consider sending your video card to a repair service or to purchase a new one.

Sometimes your graphic card may be overheating if you overclocked it. In that case just try to underclock it and it should work fine and it should not make any problem. Or you can try and buy a better cooling system for your personal computer tower.

Sometimes a physical problem for your graphic card can occur. It may be damaged if the computer tower was roughly handled, or it may be disconnected from the motherboard itself. Just reconnect it to the motherboard if this is the problem. If it’s to damaged for you to deal with, you can ask an IT service to repair it for you or you can buy a new one.

You can also check your CPU power and memory capacity. Some games can offer a big deal of problems when it comes to your graphics, when cpu or memory is not at least on the lowest level for that particular game. It is best to play games with a recommended hardware, knowing that you meet these requirements.

You can also check your power supply unit, because it happens that power supply units can’t bring enough power to all of the computer’s hardware components. In that case it is best to go and buy another stronger one, because it could easily solve the problem.

There are many problems with video cards but most of them have a software nature, most of the times a plain installation or re-installation of the drivers, or adjusting the settings can solve the problem.

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