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Mommies today are doubly insured of their babies’ comfort and safety by using video baby monitors. Considered as their extra set of ears and eyes, this gadget watches their slumbering bundle of joy at all times. The function of the monitor is to bring identifiable sounds (and/or pictures) over a distance with little interference. This can be in the form of static, buzzing, irritating noise from other electric products or transmitters.

There are two basic types:
1. Audio baby monitor enables parents to hear sounds. It is made up of a transmitter (for baby) and one or more receivers (for parents).
2. Video/audio baby monitor will allow parents, not only to hear but also to see, the sleeping baby.

When you plan to purchase a baby monitor, keep these reminders in mind:

* If your home or apartment is quite small, you do not need to buy one;
* If your home or apartment is quite large, buy a monitor with two receivers. You can clip one on your belt to take wherever you may go;
* Buy a monitor equipped with both sound and light-video. If the sound is too loud, you can turn it down and rely only on the light;
* To avoid or lessen interference, select a monitor that opens on different frequency unlike your other wireless equipment at home;
* Buy digital video baby monitor the which is considered the best, not the analog, for it could not be interfered by your nearby neighbors who might have the same model or cordless phone with the same band; and
* Be sure that the store has a return policy, within 30 days, if something is wrong with the product.

There are different features notable in the video monitors. The wireless video baby monitor does not need any complicated installation and can be carried everywhere. The receiver maybe furnished with colored LED screen where you can watch over your sleeping baby in full view. The audio is very clear as good as seeing. The night vision is the power of the monitor to transmit images in complete darkness. The infra LED light will make you see every detail clearly. Lastly, the remote panning enables the camera to change view in case the baby moves out of range. Price range is between $ 50 to $ 100. The higher the price, the more features it offers.

A reliable video baby monitor is the most important gadget every parent must own to have peace of mind and secured on their baby’s safety and well-being.

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