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Using A Video Baby Monitor

You can’t hold your child constantly but you still want to make sure you can monitor his actions and keep him safe. One of the best ways to do this is to use a baby monitor. Years ago all that was available was a monitor system that transmitted only sound. However, technology is always progressing and today video monitors are available at reasonable costs.

In a video monitor a camera is set up in baby’s room and a continuous live feed is displayed on a small TV or LCD screen. The baby’s room may have one camera watching the bed, or there may be several cameras in the room so that all parts of room can be monitored. Today video devices can be wireless or wired.  Wireless models will be somewhat more expensive than the wired ones. It’s common for wired screens to be in the parents’ bedroom so that the baby can be monitored at night without mom or dad having to get up. This will help baby learn to sleep through the night, as no one comes running with every sound.

A wireless monitor can be carried around the house and even outside so that chores are easily completed. Wireless monitors are convenient, but as with all wireless devices their range is limited, and often varies among models.  Knowing how you intend to use the monitor before you purchase it will aid in the decision-making process.  Other options to look for when shopping for a video monitor include night vision capability and access through the internet.

Being able to access your baby camera from the internet allows you the option of checking in on baby and babysitter during the day while at work. It’s also convenient for parents who travel a great deal. Seeing your baby’s first steps live over the internet may not be like seeing them in person, but it’s certainly the next best thing.

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