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Top Ten News Of 2009 Hot Animal


Review 2009 2008 outbreak in the autumn Melamine China’s livestock events had sustained concussion, and ultimately make the “China Food Safety Law” on June 1, 2009 introduced. However, for farmers, this year should be a relatively dull year. Layer relatively good market year, seize the opportunity of a number of chicken farmers will make more money. Hog prices have short-term volatility, but the whole has stabilized; those who avoid the drought in the spring epidemic caused by pig farmers in the north and escaped the fall of the South with high fever to pig farmers to maintain normal security. Life difficult for farmers in the first half, began to gradually ease later in the second half the year may be flat, but after they pay more attention to the situation is getting better. Although the veterinary industry in the doldrums, but most manufacturers in accordance with the old methods are also able to support, not to the real major reshuffle of the season. Industry profit growing thin Feed The integration of business continuity and integration with previous years, frequently in the chain attack.

Livestock industry in China have a clear direction, but no clear road map. Diversity of animal husbandry in China itself, based on market-driven changes in demand and harmony between the implicit political game, which led to the near future China will maintain a livestock spiral development approach, while the efficiency of animal disease prevention and control a certain extent, the decision will spiral upward or downward spiral.

Year is approaching, back up over the past year has been widespread concern that the news in that time and after the impact and reality of the real difficulties, may not be meaningless. However, the editors limited their extensive knowledge and subject itself, crude is inevitable, can only be right when the start a discussion.

No.1 pig warning News Review: 1 9, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, SAIC, AQSIQ jointly issued “to prevent excessive price of live pigs down regulation plan.” Based on this plan for the formation of China’s “pig early warning mechanism.” Food than those on the pig industry can truly reflect the cost of pig and pig farming subsidies has created a great need for controversy. June 13, the National Development and Reform Commission’s price monitoring center showed that when grain price ratio is 5.81:1 week, plans have been set for four consecutive weeks below the breakeven point the production of 6:1. Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission started work made of frozen pork in the purchasing and storage. Since then, the Commerce Department that consumer review, since mid-June since purchasing and storage of domestic frozen pork, pig grain ratio rose to more than 6:1 range.

Question 1: How can pork price stability at a reasonable interval?

2009 years, the domestic pig industry market trend is known as the “ghost city”, especially in the third quarter of erratic price changes, volatility law to be subverted. However, the full year, more than the price of live pigs kept at the cost line in the vicinity.

Reference to September 15, 2007 entered into force, “the central meat reserves management approach” require “the principle of frozen pork reserves of three each year, each round of storage at 4 months.” Even if countries do not consider the losses in a timely manner to ensure the equal the number of updates; However, these final purchasing and storage of pork in what way at what time to be digested by the market? This should be the majority of people have concerns pigs. Intention by the State purchasing and storage, these pork meat prices should be high when released, in order to suppress the price too high. Related to the case, in 2007, pork in two national reserves in order to slightly lower than market prices during the period to market.

Concerned about how these pork was consumed and its impact on the market, in fact, concerned about how pork price stability in a reasonable range. Reasonable, which means farmers are making money, and consumers could afford to eat meat. Experts believe that this process requires the formation of the whole industrial chain of risk and profit sharing mechanism. But to achieve this process requires long time, and what forces about the progress of this process?

No.2 pig futures News Review:

2 1st, “the CPC Central Committee State Council in 2009 to promote stable development of agriculture and farmers continue to increase the number of views,” the official release of the second “stable development of agricultural production” made it clear: “to market early warning, reserve adjustments increased insurance, futures and other measures to stabilize the development of pig industry.

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