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Tips For Hanging Wall Art and Photos

Hanging wall art and photos may seem like a simple task but it’s more to it than many people realize. Where and how you hang your art and photos will affect the whole atmosphere in the room. It can enhance the rest of the décor or have a negative impact that prevents you from creating the environment you seek. This is why it’s so important to learn how to hang your art and photos correctly.

Tips for hanging wall art and photos:

* Use the right tools for the job so your art and photos will look like they were hung by a professional. The right tools include using a level, measuring tape, pencil, drill, screwdriver and hammer.

* Select where you want to place the items in each room. Measure the width, length and height of the wall to determine where the items should be placed and which sizes would provide the best results. For example, you need to place the larger pieces where you have the most space or group several pieces together in large areas.

* Make sure the color of the art piece does not clash with the rest of the décor in the room.

* When grouping art pieces or photos, it’s recommended that you use odd numbers for the most dramatic effect.

* No art piece should be longer than the piece of furniture it’s above is wide.

* Create balance in the room. In other words, don’t place too many pieces on one wall and leave another bare.

* You can use vertical and horizontal lines as a way to enhance your art pieces.

* You can use different sizes and shapes together as long as they compliment each other. 

* All art pieces and photos should be hung where the center of the piece is eye-level with a person of average stature.

Wall art and photos will give your home personality and charm, if they’re hung correctly. If not, they can make your home appear un-organized and sloppy. Use the tips listed above to give your home a more professional look when it comes to your wall art and photos.

Lisa Mason, Professional wordsmith for hire: gamer, wife, mother, entrepreneur, published poet, co-owner of game guides company, public speaker and Internet business consultant. You can learn more or follow Lisa’s blog from her website.

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