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The Truth behind Obagi Elastiderm Reviews


Obagi Elastiderm is a product which claims to minimize the first signs of aging that shows on the sensitive thin skin around the eyes. It provides collagen, elastin, and hydration which the skin surrounding the eyes needs to renew its capability of keeping its smooth and youthful texture. According to the claims of this Obagi, it will leave you skin looking refined and refreshed just after a couple of times of use.

Some Obagi Elastiderm reviews have conducted studies wherein they asked consumers to try the product for a couple of weeks. Small dots of the gel were placed on the skin around the eyes and smoothed thoroughly to help the skin absorb it better. According to Obagi Elastiderm reviews, the users did feel their skin more refreshed but they did not exactly notice any change on their wrinkle problems. Comments say that the product did have a good blend of ingredients but it seems like the components are not enough to actually minimize the signs of aging.

Other Obagi Elastiderm reviews state that the product is a little sticky and tacky during application and it was also not quickly absorbed by the skin. Instead, it only coated the skin and left a sticky sensation after it was applied. Though some users decided to go on with their testing, almost 50% of the testers wanted to stop applying it even before the end of the designated six week testing period because it only proved to be messy to use.

Overall, most Obagi Elastiderm reviews are not that impressive because this product seems to be quite useless when it comes to actually removing the sight of wrinkles around the eyes. On the other hand, Obagi has proven itself to be a good moisturizer because most of the testers said that they did feel the moisturizing and hydration effects of this wrinkle cream. However, Obagi Elastiderm still seems to be too costly for something that only acts as a moisturizer and is not exactly successful in being a wrinkle cream.


Fiona Ross is a skin care expert who has worked in various cosmetics company before. She has helped numerous popular brands come up with the ingredients for their skin care products. Nowadays, she is writing product reviews on the blog she maintains. Some of her current works are about Hydrolyze and Obagi Elastiderm reviews.

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