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The New Wii And All News Of Video Devices

The Wii has managed the ambitious task of extending electronic games to an audience that had never before been achieved by this category of products. But despite having already broken so many records in sales, the heads of Nintendo do not intend to stop here, but aim to conquer new goals.

Since September the price of the Wii has dropped to $ 199, but its successor is already in the pipeline, the Wii HD. The successor of Nintendo Wii would have to use the High Definition technology, but may not be ready before 2011, according to rumors. This does not surprise those who for years followed the events of the Japanese company, who always prefers to wait until the prices of new technology lower, until it became affordable for almost every budget, before implementing it. This behavior is therefore consistent with the policies followed so far, already with the first model Wii. The first Wii had a price quite affordable compared to other consoles, and one of the distinguishing features was the offer of games targeted at a varied audience. This policy allows you to create playful technology to everyone, and thus broaden the catchment area and the corresponding market share. In this way the new console would use different CD and DVD, with sharper graphics, but still at reasonable prices.

The Wii HD includes a lot of multimedia features of the Sony and Microsoft consoles (video playback over all) and would be based on the interaction via motion sensor, with a controller that will probably integrate the functions of the normal Wii Remote and of the accessory Motion Plus , with gyroscope and released later to make it even more precise and versatile the scanning of bodily movements.

Among the news of the coming season, even Sony and Microsoft are to embrace the philosophy of games that simply and intuitively are controlled with the body movements: the home of the PlayStation with an accessory like the Wii Remote, but with a technology that the first demonstrations seems more well-performing, the Xbox with its Project Natal: a high-tech cameras that should be able to scan the body in order to leave players interact with the console in ways never before seen.

Also in the field of digital media we are expecting big news, especially on video and TV media devices directly connected to the internet. Some think that the limited success of Blu-ray is due to the fact that many people are waiting to see what happens, to avoid spending a lot of money for technology that could be overcome in a couple of years. According to many observers it is better to wait a bit and see if the opportunity to view products via streaming or download them in a short time could be feasible via TV.

More or less what happens in the gaming world, where it is already possible to have the console connected to a network and, potentially, pronounced dead the classic CD disc. So this is certainly a period of transition and of several changes.

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