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The Interior Design of Your Home is Very Important – From Sofas to Wallpaper

The interior design is an important aspect of any home. Many of us now live on large estates of identical houses and the interior design allows us to put our own personal stamp on the property and differentiate our home from our neighbours. When starting a new interior design project it is important to consider the age and character of your house. If you live in a large Victorian house with high ceiling and original features you are going to want to decorate it in a style to compliment these features. Whereas if you live in a new build property it is more likely to be a blank canvass which will suit a variety of styles.

In many homes the fireplace or the television is the focal point of a room. If this is the case for you then you need to design the rest of the room around this focal point. The rest of the room should highlight the focal point and the sofas, lamps and tables should complement the focal point. You next need to think about colours. Larger rooms will suit bold colours whereas smaller rooms will benefit from lighter shades. Currently popular is to choose one feature wall and just paper this one wall with a bold patterned wall paper and paint the rest of the room in a neutral colour.

One of the most important pieces of furniture when it comes to interior design is sofas. There are now a wider range of sofas available than ever meaning that they can really help to give a room an individual look. Corner sofas are currently very popular and help to give your room a modern contemporary feel. Leather sofas are ideal if you have a family or pets as they are hard wearing and can be easily cleaned. Whereas fabric sofas are great if you want to add pattern and colour into a room. Many fabric sofas now come with reversible cushions meaning that you can easily change the look of the sofa and the room.

The interior design of your house says a lot about you as a person. Spending the extra time and effort to ensure that you get it right is very important and will greatly improve the enjoyment you get out of your home.

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