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The Impact Of The Incoming Liquid Wallpaper Wallpaper Coatings Market In China – Liquid Wallpaper,

China has experienced rapid economic growth continued after the cost of environmental degradation is obvious, therefore, endless series of environmental policies and regulations. Home Environment, health or not, has become a household Decoration The primary criterion, all decoration materials must meet Environmental protection Standard, which has been the demand from consumers concerned about the system and standardization into. Good policy for the whole Paint Industry with unprecedented opportunities, first of all traditional building materials and ceramic coatings have a competitive relationship Brick , Mosaic and other materials used were extremely limited range, and because of its clay as the main material, large-scale use will cause irreversible environmental broken ring, and the production process will also consume a large amount Energy At the same time pollution, there is currently more than 90% of exterior wall coatings in use more than 80% are used for indoor wall paint, which dominated water-borne coatings. Policies play a major impact of the market in two ways, first driving the demand, and second, to set the access threshold, while the role of the situation in a market not many, and coatings market is one of the most important of the lucky ones.

Options market is the first step in creating wealth, now China’s paint market has entered a phase of absolute rigid requirements, but also liquid Wallpaper Market segments have emerged growth spurt. When the concept of liquid wallpaper just appeared in China, many people in the industry are not optimistic that this is an innovative concept of market segments, but after a few years past, liquid wallpaper thriving market has proven its strong momentum and potential. An innovative concept is a market segment can not afford to continue to support the rapid development of this market from the real drivers of favorable policies and the massive demand. China’s liquid

but the wallpaper industry emergence of the “pseudo-competitive excess” phenomenon, largely a side effect of concept innovation. “Liquid wallpaper” is a very good Marketing Concept, but only a concept for the support of brand innovation is bound to appear more “pseudo-competitive Surplus”. Jie Shi liquid wallpaper discerning, to see through the fog after the heavy nature, so that product back to the quality of the product itself up. In fact, this is a basic marketing rules, a segment of a bubble in the development process is inevitable, but also constantly filtered through the channel of flat foam. Empty carriers and their distributors brand is a major component of the bubble, because “liquid wallpaper” concept is good, but the real demand or to products to support the ultimate competition is decisive in the product side.

Former is the most advanced technology on nanotechnology applications in a variety of products. The so-called nanotechnology, is to study the structure size in the 0.1 to 100 nm range nature of the material and application. The nanotechnology and nano-coating is the combination of inorganic coating materials, generally at least meet two basic conditions: First, at least one relative size of the 1-100nm, second, because the nano from the presence of paint significantly improve the performance or new features.

Shi Jie liquid wallpaper using the new green areas in the drawn material, using a variety of natural inorganic materials, and nanometer material modification is made. Based on traditional liquid wallpaper adds a self-cleaning properties of decontamination, etc., without touching the gray, no oil absorption, and thermal insulation, fire-retardant noise, shielding ultraviolet properties of stored energy, etc. works on flexible application of environmental health, science and technology convergence. Resistant to moisture fire, safety and reliability. Resistant to moisture does not fade for a long time do not fall off, can not afford leather, no cracking, two years of life time as new. The advantage of so many more competitive than similar products, it also look more attractive to consumers.

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