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The Htc Gratia Featuring The Photos App Like The Htc Desire For Viewing Your Photos And Videos

The HTC Gratia has the Photos app like the HTC Desire for viewing your photos and videos onscreen wherever you go, along with offering comprehensive social networking integration and more. The handset also has impressive location based services including Google Maps and navigation from the Footprints app by HTC also.

The handset provides you with a unified email client for multiple email accounts to be configured and simple push notification also. For text and multimedia there is also a unified editor offering simple and fast access to messaging friends either text, or multimedia such as videos or photos captured with the handsets impressive 5 megapixel camera which has auto focus and allows widescreen photo shots to be taken too. The Geotagging of media is also helpful allowing you to organise your media easily by location. Other location services via the internal GPS antenna include Google Maps for directions and onscreen maps of any area, and Footprints which offers more intuitive foot by foot navigation between your desired destinations.

The Gratia uses the Android operating system, running 2.1 Eclair version respectively, alongside the enhancement of the HTC Sense user interface for great social networking integration which includes the Friend Stream app. The app, which also appears on phones including the HTC Desire, allows you to see the latest status on Facebook of a contact and more, including telling you when its their birthday. Additionally, it provides easy access to your Facebook account, as HTC Peep offers to your Twitter account too. Photos can also be shared on Flickr via the handset, as can videos on YouTube respectively, so you can be sure to always share them with friends instantly if you wish. Use the Photos app to view them back on the phones 3.2 inch display also.

The phone also offers some impressive special features including a ringer which automatically mutes itself when the phone is placed screen side downwards. Meanwhile, when you merely lift the handset while ringing it also automatically lowers the ringer volume to assert that you appear to be aware that someone is trying to contact you. Connectivity includes Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate as well as a microUSB connector for easy syncing.

The HTC Gratia is a compact and lightweight handset featuring a delightful user interface and offering an impressive 5 megapixel camera for photos and video clips alike. The handset also provides impressive messaging and social networking integration for friends and contacts to stay in touch.

HTC Gratia

HTC Desire

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