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The Digital Photo Frame

David and I have decided to marry. When we told this to our families and friends, they were all happy very much and sent their congratulations to us.
Then the process of preparing the wedding ceremony was so busy. We spent much times buying clothes, furniture and taking photos. My mother said they would do their best to hold a gorgeous ceremony. She spared her time and accompanied us to try on the wedding dress. She said I must choose a most beautiful dress to suit me.
After the choosing of the dress, it was the time to take photos. Every couple who have experienced this must know that the process of taking wedding photos is painful and troubled. You can try to imagine this. In summer, the couples take photos under the scorching sun by wearing the long and heavy dressing. Before the camera, they have to posed and smiled even though the sweat flew from your face, from the skin of your body and down to the floor. Or if in winter, the wind blows wildly and you two wear the thin dress, bearing the cold wind and take photos.
Anyway, we got through it smoothly. We admired the photos through the computer and consulted on what picture to be framed.
The photographer said,” Maybe I can give you some advice. Why not buy a digital frame? Then all these pictures could be framed.”
“Digital frame, whats that?” We all exclaimed and confused.
The young and handsome photographer smiled and took a frame out of a chest. He passed it to us.
We took it over and saw it from side to side. It looked a little like a LED. Then the photographer plugged in the USB flash disk at one side of the LED. By touching the screen, we can see all the pictures we just took. When we watched, a soft music played out of it.
“It’s amazing.” We all felt surprised.
“You can download into it any music you like.”
My mother grasped the frame and said loudly,
“We have this.”
It seemed she was afraid that the digital would be bought by others. We all laughed. How kind my mother is.
Our wedding ceremony was held successfully. When our guests came to our new house, they watched around and praised. The digital frame has nearly been the focus of all. Every of my girl friend felt interested and enquired about it. One of them held it excitedly and told me that she would let her boyfriend send her one in Valentine’s Day.

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