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Sony Ericsson Yari Reviews


Sony Ericsson Yari, an excellent product of Sony Ericsson, is totally suitable for people who like playing games on mobile or are a fitness freak. Anyone who thinks mobile phones and fitness are not related to each other should change their opinion. This may be a strange name for a mobile phone; however, based on Sony Ericsson’s latest releases such as the Naite, Aino and Satio, it is not out of the ordinary for the producers.


The 3G slider phone comes with features like excellent games, MP3, FM radio, 5 mega pixel camera, USB, Bluetooth and even a fitness step counter! Let us check out the features in detail. The Yari from Sony Ericsson is slim and compact. It has a 2.4 inch screen with QVGA resolution. The key pad is resent in the lower half of the slider. The camera and flash are located at the back of the phone. At the back is also a pair of loudspeakers.

You can store up to 1000 phone numbers on your Yari. The phone has 60 MB shared memory and supports microSD up to 16 GB. This phone resembles the Aino in many ways. The two have almost similar multimedia menu and MP3 player works just great. You can choose from several visual styles like cassette, CD player, gramophone etc, just like you do in the Aino. The mobile comes with FM radio with RDS. The Yari supports music call. You can play your favorite song in the background while making a call. Besides there are additional features like stereo speakers, mega bass, shake control, TrackID, which make listening to music on the Yari a pleasurable experience.


The Yari has a 5 mega pixel camera with flash and several other features like smile detection, face detection, white balance and so on. Like the Aino, the Yari also uses NetFront Web browser for internet browsing. There are features like bookmark, Google search, downloads, search, favorites etc. It also has GPS, Google maps, Bluetooth and USB.


Now, let’s check the gaming features. This is where the Sony Ericsson Yari really stands out. The phone comes with preloaded games. Some of the games have unique features which enable you to play without pressing or pushing buttons. You just need to gesture in order to play. The Yari phone has an in built accelerometer which enables gesture controlled gaming. So, you can play games like tennis using this handset. Move -You Tennis and Move-You Fitness are games which are gesture controlled. You can perform actions in front of the Yari and the video call recognizes these movements and replicates it in your game. For the fitness game, you will have to perform different work outs as the phone instructs you.


The Yari comes equipped with WalkMate which tracks the number of steps you take as you walk. This addition will be appreciated by those trying to get fit. It comes in two colors- Shining cranberry white and achromatic black. You can choose the color you wish.


This phone is the ultimate in mobile gaming and is loaded with fun and action packed games in addition to other features like great media, music, Bluetooth and internet connectivity. This phone is sure to be a hit among mobile gamers, especially among teenagers.


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