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Lapland has seen temperatures plummet to minus figures and whilst Lapland isn’t the only place feeling the cold, it is the only place where the Christmas magic really lives. The Northern lights have been showing themselves over the last couple of weeks and some beautiful photos of Lapland have been emerging with the Northern lights dancing in the night sky above the frozen lakes.

The lighting of the candles took place in many streets and villages around Lapland and the entire street and house lights were turned off on Christmas Eve. The lighting of the candles tales place on Christmas and New Year and everywhere you look, you can see the beautiful lighted candles casting a half lights over the snowy landscape.

Santa has been very busy so far this year and has been out and about visiting the Hotels and log cabins and of course lots of excited children have been to visit Santa at his home where they have enjoyed stories and gifts from Santa himself.

Christmas Eve Was also spent walking through he untouched snow of Lapland where the real beauty and glory of this place can be felt. The vast expanse of untouched snow on such a magical day as Christmas Eve is enough to simply take your breath away.

For the people who visit Lapland on holiday seeing Santa and getting involved in lots of winter activities is on the agenda but for the people of Lapland, Christmas is a celebration of life and hope and all that is to look forward to. January is drawing near and the twilight period will soon be fading which means spring is well on the way. Spring means lighter days for longer and the chance that the sun will once again appear. There are also many sacred places in Lapland and at this time of year the locals stop and remember their ancestors and become at one with nature.

Searching for the moon on crisp, cold days is also a wonderful walk on snowshoes through the snowy landscapes of Lapland or why not go cross country skiing late into the evening where you may catch the brightness of the moon and the startling colours of the Northern lights.

Lapland is a beautiful, awe inspiring place where nature can truly be felt and if you are lucky enough to go on holiday there, remember to take in the beautiful nature around you that Lapland has to offer.

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