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Sell My Digital Photos – Where to Begin

Are you asking yourself how can I sell my digital photos?

It’s possible to earn great money by selling photos, but it does take a little bit of knowledge to get started.

The biggest issue most amateur photographers find is that they don’t know where to begin. There is plenty of general information available all over the internet but that kind of general information won’t help you create the kind of income you really want.

After all, if you found the information that easily, you have to start wondering how many others are reading the same stuff. The object is to try and figure out what the truly successful amateur photographers are doing that the rest of the crowd isn’t.

Stock Photo Sites

Perhaps the most rampant bit of advice about how to sell my digital photos is to upload them to stock photo sites and sit back to wait for the cash to roll in. The truth is a little different.

Take a look through any of the photo sites. If you begin uploading your digital photos to them without really understanding what you’re doing, your photos will simply get lost in the crowd.

In order to attract customers to your images you should spend a little time learning how to categorize them for maximum impact. Your photo’s description matters, but think about what a potential buyer might type in to find your photo. You’re certain to find more than one description, which increases the range of buyers you can attract.

What Type of Photos Should I Sell?

Usually once you’ve figured out ‘how can I sell my digital photos’, the next question many people begin to wonder is what type of photos will sell. The answer to this is as diverse as your own imagination.

Think about some of the businesses that have a constant demand for photos. Realtors, insurance companies, book publishers, magazine editors, graphic designers, scrap bookers, web designers, eBay sellers, advertising companies … the list is as long as your own imagination.

Once you realize the vast scope of businesses that are in constant need of more digital photos, your next step is to go out and take photos that will appeal to the markets you’ve uncovered.

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