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Cool Car Apps For Smartphones


…the manual or on the CD version that is offered with some models. This app will be free and will also include video demonstrations. Another automaker introducing Smartphone apps is…

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A Digital Video Camera For You

…Technology has really advanced so fast. A lot of companies release new models of phones, cameras and any other gadgets from time to time. With the current choices that…

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2011 Honda Civic Review


…seat also offers some good space for its occupants with increased room compared to its predecessor models. Dimensions: Width: 68.9 inch Height: 55.0 inch Length: 175.5 inch Front track: 59.0…

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Solar Charger Review


…phone phone: About 60 mins (Diverse brands and models of phone cell phone is with different charging time). a couple of. Charging time for designed-in battery of Photovoltaic charger is…

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Solar Charger Review


…minutes (Different brands and models of mobile phone is with different charging time). 2. Charging time for built-in battery of Solar charger is 10-15 hours (depends on light intensity and…

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2011 MINI Cooper Clubman Review


…Work’s engine is mated with six speed manual transmission. Base Models Specifications: Engine size: 1.6 L Camshaft type: Double overhead cam (DOHC) Cylinders: inline 4 Valves: 16 Valve timing: Variable…

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How to Choose a Car


…on the reliability of a car’s specific model, as not all models are as reliable as another. For example, if you are interested in a VW Jetta TDI car, you…