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porsche 7 seater suv

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Top 5 New Cars For 2011


…assist, dual-zone climate control, and a handful of luxury-grade options. The best thing about this crossover SUV is the affordability. Pricing for the Sorento starts a bit under $ 20,000…

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Hybrid Tech and Ford Hybrid Cars


…One of these two, the Ford Escape hybrid, is the very first hybrid SUV to be introduced commercially. Like its competitors such as Toyota, Honda and GM, Ford is also…

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Basic New Car Buying Advice


by EX22218 – ON/OFF Purchasing a new car remains one of the most important decisions for most of us as you have to invest a large amount…

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Skoda Laura Car Review


…and tremendous performance will make the pride to the owner and envy to the onlooker. Skoda Laura comes with excellent interiors and exterior appearance. This 5 seater sedan has an…