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2011 MINI Cooper Clubman Review


…is an estate car introduced in 2008. For 2011 model Mini Cooper Clubman is offered with powerful powertrain, modified steering, optional adaptive headlights and minor interior and exterior updates. Even…

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Hybrid Tech and Ford Hybrid Cars


…save gas when prices are soaring. Some hybrid cars run by combining two electric motors to a gas engine. These gasoline engines are modified from running on Otto cycle to…

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Free Software Reviews – GIMP 2.0

…GIMP 2.0, is extremely easy to use. Previous versions were a bit awkward to use, but the new version’s GUI (graphical user interface) has been modified and is extremely easy…

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New Mercedes-benz Hong Kong Viano Reviewed


…extensive attention paid to the interior noise levels. Additional absorbers and insulation have been added, the body structure reinforced and the seat design modified for ultra-quiet travel … plus you…