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Mahindra Maxx Car Review


…of 11 km/litre in the urban traffic while the mileage on the highway is around 14 km/litre. The Mahindra Maxx car has a sporty and robust body with metallic hard…

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How to Choose a Car


…be a cheaper alternative, but not all cars support diesels. If this is the case, a fuel economic car would do great. You can also check reviews to make check…

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Learn About Car Leasing Agreements


…standard traditional car loan. There are also new car lease specials offered by the manufacturer that offer fixed low rates for specific new models. A lease special may be the…

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Car Lease Problems to Avoid


…by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association On the surface, getting a car lease instead of buying your new car sounds like a pretty good deal. After all,…

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JVC Car Stereo Review


…by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association In the car audio head unit industry, JVC has been giving out very well received products. Â As 2010 comes to…