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Samsung: Lcd Video Wall First Seamless, “shining” Xiangjiang – Monitoring, Video Wall –

LCD technology is growing rapidly, in line manufacturers such as Samsung, under the guidance of a high-definition, thin, Energy And many of the advantages of LCD TV, LCD monitor quickly becoming mainstream. September 17, Samsung Ultra Vision proudly in Changsha UT series LCD seamless video wall, LCD technology will be fully into the commercial area of large-screen display.

Samsung Ultra Vision UT series is the 2009 global IT Major technological breakthroughs the industry to achieve a true seamless. This new product represents a future multi-screen mosaic of technology trends: high-definition picture quality, flexible, and splicing Environmental protection Longevity is expected to become the next big video wall market, the new mainstream.

Samsung commercial official said, Samsung in the field of information technology, with many of the leading commercial products and Solutions . In particular, setting the global cutting-edge technology and process design of large-screen LCD monitor, Samsung has been the flagship commercial product. Samsung Business is actively committed to leading liquid crystal display technology, the public information display, security monitoring, Video Conference And many other business areas of promotion, the display device through professional solutions, services and complete information on the construction of Chinese society.

UT series of LCD video wall with a seamless Super Narrow, super clear, super high brightness, high contrast of the “four super-dominant” to be fully, clearly show all subtle dynamic images, to minimize the viewer’s visual blind spots and visual sense of isolation. Meanwhile, with the new LCD launch of new products, Samsung has also developed exclusive can support up to 250 display mosaic solution is Samsung’s large-scale video wall in the area of another major technological breakthrough.

Samsung Ultra Vision UT series, released on the large video wall in the field is a landmark in terms of LCD products. Prior to this, have a clear picture, bright screen, low-power high-life of liquid crystal display technology, has been working with DLP rear projection, PDP plasma-third of the world. Industry Expert Analysis, the current bottleneck of the rear projection technology has been shown to decline, future large-scale video wall, the mainstream display devices, liquid crystal for seamless splicing of the birth of change. This will also be LCD, DLP and plasma technology, Halo three. LCD video wall seamless splicing

in the Chinese market has great potential. Application areas include: to Video Surveillance Based security, building monitoring, etc.; to business operations, scheduling-based electricity, telecommunications, public transport, etc.; to urban management applications-based Metro, emergency center, digital city management, digital safe city, as well as video surveillance and IP video conferencing and other emerging areas of business.

Recent years, Hunan Province to accelerate the process of new industrialization, formed Tan, southern, northern Hunan, western Hunan, and several distinctive areas of industrial economic development, technological innovation and information technology play a huge role. Samsung launched new products are fit the needs of the market in Hunan and even the South region, the future will be Samsung’s grasp of the business opportunities, help the construction of Central City’s star product information.

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