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Reviews of the Different Types of Car iPod Adapters


When it comes to connecting your iPod to your car, there are many options. Wireless FM transmitters, Wired FM Modulators, Dedicated iPod interfaces, and aftermarket radios with iPod control are the four most popular options. Each of these iPod adapters have their applications and they all have their strong and weak points. This article will review each of the iPod adapters.

Wireless FM Transmitter Review:

When it comes to interfacing your iPod to your car, a wireless FM transmitter is the easiest option and it will work with just about 100% of the cars on the road. This iPod adapter works by transmitting the audio signal from your iPod to your factory radio wirelessly. Out of all the iPod adapters this is the easiest one to install. The better ones just plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and then to the iPod. Once connected, all you have to do is tune you car’s radio to a certain station to hear the songs from your iPod. This iPod adapter is extremely easy to install and not very expensive, but it does have some flaws.

Most of the time you will experience static in teh background of the music. Also, the audio may drift in and out, getting louder and softer. Another flaw of this iPod adapter is that the FCC regulates the output power of the wireless transmitter. If you live in an area that has strong radio stations, the radio stations will over power the transmitter and you will hear the radio stations behind your music.

Wired FM Modulator Review:

Even though a wired FM modulator is a little harder to install than a wireless FM transmitter, it is well worth it. Wired FM modulators work on the same premise as a wireless FM transmitter, but it connects directly to your car’s factory antenna. I does not only connect directly to the antenna, it also isolates the antenna from the radio. By isolating the antenna from the radio, it does not allow strong radio stations to bleed through the iPod’s audio. Wired FM modulators also are universal and work on just about 100% of the cars on the road, but installation is required. On most cars the factory radio needs to be removed in order to plug the FM modulator into the antenna, but like I said before, it is worth it. This iPod adapter has the ability to give you clear, static free audio that does not drift and has no radio station bleed through.

Dedicated iPod Interface Review:

If you have your heart set on keeping you factory radio, your best option is a dedicated iPod interface. Like the wired FM modulator it does require installation. Unlike the wired FM modulator it is not universal and only works on select vehicles. The installation usually consists of removing your factory radio and plugging the dedicated iPod interface into the CD Changer/Satellite radio port. This port allows the adapter to control the iPod from the radio’s controls. Also, the audio quality is extremely good and there will be no static or interference. Plus a dedicated iPod interface will plug into the bottom of your iPod and charge it. If your car has the provisions for one, this is that type of iPod adapter that I would recommend.

Aftermarket Radio With iPod Control Review:

Most factory radio’s are not designed to control an iPod. Aftermarket companies backwards engineer devices to connect to an iPod. If you have no problem changing your radio, I would recommend installing an aftermarket radio with iPod control. These radios are designed from the ground up to control an iPod. They will allow you to quickly and easily navigate through your songs right off the radio while providing you with crystal clear audio. Like a dedicated iPod interface, it also will charge your iPod. This is your absolute best option for listening to your iPod in your car.

Choosing an iPod adapter may be difficult. Hopefully these reviews shined some light on the different types of iPod adapters and their applications.

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