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Reviews Of Sauna Suits


Neoprene SAUNA SUIT Could Cause Toxic Shock!:

In recent independent studies done by cancer research toxicologists in Southern California where the rich and famous pride themselves on being skinny… the recent craze taking over the minds of extreme weight loss enthusiast have caused scientist to look into the functionality and health pros and cons of wearing a sauna suit.

Those who have worn the plastic suits know that in fact they do work when it comes to cutting down on quick water weight gain, and even permanently removing those stubborn fat pockets. However due to some recent health conditions noticed and reported from medical professions there seems to be some health risk involved that could prove to be toxic.

In their research, toxicologist tested 5 different types of sauna suits for chemicals that are not particularly healthy for contact with the human body. The sauna suits that were tested are as follows:

Millions of sauna suits are sold yearly. Not because they are the most fashionable attire to be caught in while trying to sweat away those extra Thanksgiving pounds or to get a jump start on that New Year’s Resolution! People continuously purchase sauna suits because let’s face it people, THEY WORK! No matter how many times we hear from the medical community that sweating in a sauna suit might not be healthy for you, people are dropping into their local Walmart or Target and are racking up on these little cheap plastic sauna suits that make you look just like a big bag a sweaty garbage! As a public service, we have decided to go shopping and do a little sauna suit comparison for the novice sweat-a-holics who are interested in knowing what the best sauna suit choice is on the market to date.

Benefits of wearing a sauna suit:

* Burn fat at a much faster rate

* Weight loss and body toning

* Speed up metabolism

* Detoxify the body

* Increase Blood Circulation

* Decrease bloating and swelling from water weight

As official fashion police, we have discovered several new neat designs in sauna suit wear. We will rate each suit on a scale of 1-5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest score) Take a look at what we found:

Valeo Suit: Is a Black low grade 2-Piece Vinyl Sauna Suit that retains Body Heat. Even though Valeo made an attempt to make a more fashion conscious looking suit, it still has that cheap plastic look all over it. It will make you sweat and it is affordable at only about $ 9.00, but just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The suit we purchased lasted for about 3 workouts, but ripped while being used on treadmill. Not a good quality, but it is a step up from the cheaper silver plastic suit.

Valeo Suit Score: 2

The Everlast Super Sweat Hooded Suit: Another excellent attempt to move away from the silver garbage bag look, and great for shedding extra water weight. This suit is generously sized for an average weight person, but falls short when it comes to accommodating those who are really overweight or obese. This suit is made of a heavier grade PVC fabric, however it is still prone to ripping and it still has that plastic look about it even though it is black with a fashionable stripe down the sides. This sauna suit has the uncomfortable feel and loud shuffle sound against the skin during workout. Price range is about $ 20.

The Everlast Super Sweat Hooded Suit Score: 3

Gold’s Gym Suit: Available in sizes small and large, this sauna suit is the cheap thin plastic that probably will not last for more than one workout. Colors available silver and blue. We say, don’t even bother, it is not even worth your time. Cost range about $ 10.

Gold’s Gym Suit Score: 1

The Kutting Weight Suit: OK, now this suit is almost nice looking if you like the look of going scuba diving! The cost is about $ 80 and in our opinion isn’t really made for the person who is trying to lose weight because you have to be extremely thin to fit into the body-hugging fit. We are going to give the Kutting Weight Suit Crew an “E” for effort. However, if you are really trying to lose weight, this is not going to be the suit for you, because really, it is quite uncomfortable, especially for guys who don’t want their body wrapped up like a pig in a blanket! Or have their private part hugged and outlined. Also, after further testing and research we found that the Kutting weight sauna suit is made of neoprene, a highly toxic material that is just like the tires on your car…no one wants to work out and sweat in a tire-like material that can be absorbed into their blood stream which can cause cancer…so for obvious health reasons we give this one a NO GO!

* Lead-containing compounds, such as litharge (lead(II) oxide), are used as compounding agents to prepare finished products made of neoprene, and these can have a toxic effect on human blood, kidneys, and reproductive systems.[1]]


Although neoprene itself is not a skin contact sensitizer, certain neoprene adhesives contain 4% rosin (CAS No. 8050-09-7, previously known as “colophony), which is a skin contact sensitizer under the European Union Dangerous Preparations Directive 1999/45/EC.[1]

The Kutting Weight Suit Score: 1

Realsauna Sauna Suit: We are very impressed with this particular sauna suit! The fashion team at Realsauna Sporting Goods gets it!!! They know exactly what the consumer wants, in fact, their design team must have their hands on the pulse of the world’s overweight and obese population because this sauna suit ROCKS! Not only is it fashionable because it looks just like a regular cotton jogging suit with fashion stripes down the side, it comes in crew neck or hooded styles, and it is machine washable, and to top it off, this thing does not rip or tear! Talk about top of the line sauna suit, THIS IS IT!!! THIS SUIT WILL ACCOMMODATE EVERY ONE FROM SIZE Small ALL THE WAY TO 6XL! The cost might be the only drawback because it is expensive at around $ 100 bucks but, it is worth it if you don’t want to keep buying the cheap plastic suits that tear. In addition the inner lining is made of a soft material that is non-toxic similar to the same materials used to make baby bottles. We gave Realsauna suit the perfect score for many of its great qualities and durability.

Realsauna Sauna Suit Score: 5

Out of all of the sauna suits that were tested, the only one that came back with toxic levels of lead was the Kutting Weight Suit made with Neoprene. This suit was tested and high levels of lead were found that could lead to toxic effects in human blood causing cancer in kidneys, and reproductive systems. The other three suits were found to be safe and non toxic, containing only the regular plastic elements found in baby bottles. Kutting weight Suit is mainly made of Neoprene and that is the toxic culprit. Final findings indicate that sauna suits are generally safe to use, but that the Kutting Weight Suit should probably be avoided at all cost since the lead levels of the neoprene are extremely toxic and could possibly cause cancer.

The head of research study, Dr. Sparks works with the Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology at UCMA research project. He published the original scientific research pertaining to action of chemicals, drugs, or natural products to animals and humans. He has written several books and numerous articles which addresses the mechanistic approaches to physiological, biochemical, cellular, and molecular understanding of toxicologic/pathologic lesions in human.

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