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Review on AVS Video Converter ? The Best Video Converter

AVS Video Converter, also known as the AVS Video Converter, enables you to delete commercials, edit, modify, cut, split, join, rotate scenes, apply effects, replicate, transfer, burn and rip DVDs and video files. In addition, the tool is very user-friendly and easy to operate. It is probably the best video converter that I have ever used.

How to Use AVS Video Utilities

Actually, you have nothing to worry about since AVS Video Utilities support all popular formats like MP4, AVI, and DV. With them, you can upload and generate your videos to mobile phones, portable players and DVD players, etc.

AVS Video utilities are user-friendly and fuzz-free. You can use them to create fantastic videos. Besides, you can keep them in their best due to the fact that you can upgrade its capabilities and features. The upgraded program includes six separate video processing apps.

Thanks to these apps, your time and effort used in modifying and processing video files is decreased to a great extent and therefore you become more efficient. With the customized aspect ratio feature of the AVS Video Utilities, you have various options when dealing with your home DVDs. You can also select and modify the aspect ratio of a video by examining the advance main window. Actually, the functions of the AVS utilities are so various and endless that it’s really high value for money.

The four video tools in one AVS Video utilities kit comprises convert, transfer, edit and burn video. You can burn video VCD, DVD and SVCD from video materials of all supported formats with the help of integrated burning engine. You can also split video materials into chapters.

With the AVS Video utilities, you can rip your home video DVD and then convert them to DVD, your hard drive and so on. What’s more, if the original video files include some commercial advertisements, you can cut or modify the unwanted parts by the AVS Video utilities. That is to say, you can only convert your desired sections to your hard drive, DVD, etc.

Additional Features

The AVS Video utility has a scene detection algorithm that can help you split video files into different sections. With it, you can save your time and energy. You can simply remove the unwanted parts and leave your desired episodes.

The AVS Video utility can also help you convert video materials for MPEG-4/DVD players with XviD/DivX support and handheld devices, such as Apple iPod, Sony Play Station Portable, Portable Media Player, etc.

With AVS Video utilities, you can convert video from DV cameras to your hard drive. In addition, you can also convert VHS video recorders to your hard drive, DVD, MPEG-4 and create video DVDs. What’s more, you can make Flash SWF, WMV or Real Video movies for your personal website as well as other purposes. The video converter from the AVS Video utilities can help you transform your home video to separate files that could be streamed on the Internet.

Apart from the above features, the AVS Video utilities provide multilingual support for you. That is to say, you can select different languages, comprising English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.

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