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Review of the Intelligent iPhone USB Car Charger on Sale


You know, just before the release of iPhone, Apple announced a new “Works with iPhone” accessory certification program, which is supposed to help consumers tell the difference between electronic accessories that will work properly with iPhone, and those that might not. From iPhone USB Car Charger to FM transmitters and other electronic add-ons, Apple and AT&T stores will only carry electronic iPhone accessories if they have that badge, and the only way for a company to get the badge is to conduct special testing that guarantees iPhone won’t lock up or shut down when connected. But, like the “Made for iPod” program that preceded it, “Works with iPhone” remains somewhat of a mystery: the absence of the logo doesn’t mean that unbadged accessories won’t work, and it’s possible that badged accessories won’t seem different at all; they might even have other issues.
Over the past several days, we’ve been testing Apple’s latest gadget with four iPhone USB car chargers that are supposed to be iPhone-ready: Griffin’s PowerJolt ($ 20), XtremeMac’s InCharge Auto ($ 20), Macally’s USB Car Charger for iPod & iPhone ($ 15), and BoxWave’s VersaCharger PRO ($ 45/$ 26). All four chargers connect to your car’s cigarette lighter power adapter, and have you connect a USB-to-Dock Connector cable to charge your iPhone in the car. You can also connect an iPod to any of these chargers with the same cable. Once that cable’s connected, the only ways to get audio out of your iPhone or iPod are to use the headphone port, the iPhone’s built-in speakers, or iPhone’s Bluetooth feature; the Dock Connector port is blocked off.
Cosmetically, the iPhone USB car chargers are each a little different from one another. Glossy black and chrome to match iPhone’s body, InCharge Auto is tube-shaped, and features a self-resetting fuse in case of power overloads, as well as inoffensive XtremeMac branding. Griffin’s PowerJolt is cosmetically the same as its prior PowerJolt iPhone Car Charger for iPods, with a more traditional black matte finish and bulging, Griffin-embossed body. A fuse pops out if there’s an issue. Macally’s iPhone USB Car Charger blends silver and glossy black plastic with a shape more like PowerJolt’s, and a screw-open panel hides a fuse that can be swapped out if your car’s power port experiences a surge. VersaCharger PRO is the oddball of the group, transparent blue with a big white cap. Yet Boxwave has included a unique feature: unlike the others, VersaCharger PRO also includes flip-out wall blades on the back that let you use it as a wall charger. Each unit has a single power light to let you know current’s running: Griffin’s is amber, while XtremeMac’s is blue, Macally’s is red, and Boxwave’s is yellow.
Anyway, against the backdrop of the advanced technology developing by leaps and bounds and the rat race intensifying out of multifarious consumer electronics hitting the market, the intelligent iPhone has been reckoned as the gold standard and subsequently the intelligent iPhone Charger has gained established fame in the hyper-competitive market.
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