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Purchase Ulead PhotoImpact 12 with Addons cheap

New from Ulead’s stable of products is PhotoImpact 12. This digital imaging software comes with the promise of making professional image editing easy and includes a number of new and enhanced features to help with this process.

Buy Ulead PhotoImpact 12 with Addons cheap

PhotoImpact 12 provides users with a choice of options available from its introductory screen. Heading the list of available options is the new Express Edit mode. Aimed mainly at the novice user, this mode offers a hand-holding process to carry out common tasks. A “before & after” approach is used to show the user how the original image will be affected by using the various fixing features that are available. These features include tools that automatically correct exposure, apply colour correction and the application of a beauty skin feature to give portraits a make-over. Various thumbnail images will give the user the chance to select from possible settings and see the results appear in real time.

For more detailed editing features, you can select Full Edit mode either from the initial screen or from a drop down pick list available from the main tool bar. In Full Edit mode you can access tools from a Panel Manager that sits, by default, in the bottom right corner. Included amongst the various tools are those for image enhancements, text/path effects, and various clip art libraries. Other modes available are those for Web and Video/DVD related tasks.

Express Edit is not the only new feature aimed at providing the user with help found in this latest version of PhotoImpact. Ulead has come up with SmartGuide “How-to” help. This feature, displayed in its own pane, provides the user with step-by-step instructions for carrying out various tasks involving digital imagine editing, web page construction and enhancing video and DVD projects. On the subject of projects, PhotoImpact 12 also has a Photo Project feature which provides a three-step wizard approach to making use of images in the creation of calendars, slideshows and web albums. These projects can be access from the initial screen or from the Share option on the File menu. Also making their debuts in this version of PhotoImpact are customisable Bog Web Page templates; a designer for creating components for use in web and DVD menus; an automatic noise reduction feature; and support for RAW files and 16-bit images.

PhotoImpact 12 has plenty of features which are generally easy to use although one or two are not as easy accessible as they might be.

Purchase Ulead PhotoImpact 12 with Addons cheap

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