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Hey there, Samantha here, I’ve been looking for an effective way to lose weight and like you I stumbled upon a weight loss supplement called Proactol. Before diving in I decided to read some Proactol reviews to help me make my decision, however, I was unable to find real reviews from real people.

All I could see is general information that is taken from their website and used over and over again. Since Proactol offer a money back guarantee I finally decided to order a 3 month supply for their site. I have heard that you cannot buy Proactol in stores, only online from their official website which can be found here.

My shipment arrived fairly quickly and I was excited to start my journey. By the way, I am not super overweight, but I wanted to lose 40 lbs, I thought that it would make me feel more attractive and boost my confidence.

I started using Proactol before each meal because according to their web site it absorbs 28% of body fat whenever you take it. So I carefully followed the instructions and on my second week I started seeing some results. Over the course of 5 weeks I lost 17 lbs and the weight keeps going down.

Also, unlike other Proactol reviews, I would like to mention that I also decided to integrate a little exercise – 30 minutes of fast walking 4 times a week in my spare time. Some of you might think that it’s the exercise that is working, but I am pretty certain it’s Proactol doing its’ magic because before using this fat binder I couldn’t lose even 5 lbs no matter how hard I exercised, I guess it’s genetics.

So for the people who are looking for real Proactol reviews – Proactol does work, however, If you’re looking for a pill that will make you lose 10 lbs in a day then this is not for you. Proactol works, fast and effective, but the best part that you don’t need to do anything, integrating an exercise was my own decision and it’s not much effort really.

If you are really looking for a natural and safe way of losing weight I highly recommend you go and order Proactol from their official web site. But before you do, here’s a super secret discount code that I’ve found online that you can use to save – PROAC8

Good luck!


Samantha Roberts is a proud user of Proactol and recommends you start changing you life for the better by ordering Proactol!

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