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Videum 002AV video capture card U.S. Winnov Inc. for China streaming media encoding server integrators and designed the first low-cost performance, and streaming audio capture card Videum002, it integrates the two acquisition cards as a card to below the current market single capture card price, for the integrators to provide better flexibility, dramatically reducing the flow of the Internet and local online media costs.

U.S. WINNOV companies CEO, Olivier Garbe, Mr.
In the past three years, streaming media has run through every corner of the industry:
1, Internet, network television doubled 2, IP surveillance exponential growth 3, the education sector means quick access to distance education

4, video streaming content portability benefit to military training
5, streaming media, medical and health departments to conduct staff training and monitoring patients
6, enterprises provide their employees with timely information, employees can at any time by the training video available on demand, thereby increasing business efficiency.

Widespread use of this technology benefit from:
1, the current streaming media content delivery over the bandwidth, so that broadband users can receive high-quality audio and video, but also those who have dial-up networking allows users to view audio and video content to acceptable.

2,90% of personal computers and laptops loaded with the widespread use of the media player. In addition, the rapid growth of portable devices and set top boxes can play Windows Media video and audio to deliver content.

3, broadband costs fall dramatically, especially in China, through the user’s computer on the Internet peer streaming media delivery network technology (P2P) allows further cost reduction.

Fast-growing Chinese market demand for streaming media to promote the integration of various areas of encoding devices provide integrated to meet the needs of the market.

Integrator of long-term success depends on two main factors:
1, product reliability: A, to ensure customer satisfaction, allowing users to continue to use and buy their products

B, reduce technical support costs 2, lower equipment costs and raise profits
Winnov, as Microsoft partners and in audio and video streaming media industry leader with its products, high performance, high quality and stability and is widely recognized as such as CISCO (IPTV), GEInterlogix (control), CCTV, SMG, Tencent and other well-known manufacturers by the trust.

Winnov of the PC industry and China’s integration into business requirements for products, launched Videum002AV, to better meet the Chinese market but to ensure that high-performance low-cost, high stability and reliability of products. The cost depends on the encoding server

two parts: 1, Windows-based PC platform
2, the information input to the PC’s audio, video capture card.
Priority for some users of the use of space equipment, such as network control center and television center, which is their consideration.

Order to reduce the cost of a single code channel to attract users, system integrators are usually installed in a number of coded cards. In a multi-channel AV system coding standard for high-priced server motherboards to ensure collection from multiple capture card and the code number of high-quality stream.

Present new and powerful desktop INTEL and AMD CPU, allows us to use low-cost high-performance desktop motherboard devices to achieve high resolution, high frame rates of multiple coding.

For the current market, the vast majority of video and audio capture card, its bottleneck is, in these low-cost high-performance desktop motherboard, a single PCI bus is shared by a number of PCI slots.

To solve this problem, Winnov capture card integrates the two into a single dual AV collection of 32-bit PCI capture card. In addition, developed a very effective multi-DMAPCI bus system, to ensure the six-way acquisition at the same time 25 frames / sec full-screen audio and video fully synchronized audio and video stream, will not lose any frame rate, pixel, audio sample.

Winnov reduce the cost of acquisition card (two cards-one), so that integrators reduce the overall cost per channel, and use the power of affordable powerful desktop board equipment, more with a single card. The products enable integrators to better profits, while maintaining Winnov inherent reliability, high performance, high-quality characteristics, but also provides integration flexibility.

Videum 002 AV also integrates a series of specific performance, for example, can be set separately for each channel, build brand and identity for broadcast content, the watermark is important, and more animation coverage.

Addition, Videum 002AV configuration DirectShow driver and support hundreds of AV applications. Use Videum 002 powerful SDK, developers can very quickly within a short time the 002 into their specific applications.

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