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Photo Inkjet Output Device Performance And Comparison – Inkjet, Photo Output – Printing Industry

Ink jet Printer Developed to now become the most commonly used means of image output, the market as Epson, Canon, Hewlett-Packard and other giants of the pushing, the formation of their own occupation of half of the Micro Piezo technology and thermal robes rival, Micro Piezo technology and thermal bubble technology which have also led to controversy in the end, the last is simply the product corresponds to the user loyalty, Epson Micro Piezo technology has been used, but HP is using a hot foam Canon technology, their respective products are very excellent product, consumers also have love for each radish Chinese cabbage, in the end who is better, or to be the test of time.

Micro Piezo technology Well controlled due to the piezoelectric elements, Micro Piezo technology drops the biggest advantage is the flexibility and precision control. Piezoelectric element by adjusting the pulse control of droplet sizes can be obtained, to achieve high coverage Print Conditions using large drops to improve printing speed, high precision printing conditions rely on small droplets to ensure the accuracy of the purpose of print, this is the Epson intelligent ink droplets transform technique. Meanwhile, the Micro Piezo technology is also beneficial to improve the accuracy of ink droplet and written, he relies on deformation of the piezoelectric element drops back after the first pull, then drops out forward relevant statistic procedures for the jet drops the energy savings and can reduce the surface tension of the liquid, making a more rounded droplet spray out. The piezoelectric elements relevant statistic procedures well-balanced force, which ensures good drops the flight path and impact point in the print media. Rounded and accurate placement of ink droplets, no doubt to better ensure the photo print quality. Of course, the single use of piezoelectric technology from Epson at room temperature, the ink jet will be able to point out that on certain Epson nozzle durability.

Micro Piezo print head technology, high manufacturing costs, more difficult to increase the number of nozzles, the ink jet micro piezo technology channel is vulnerable to blockage of air or air bubbles, the need for regular cleaning to maintain its use of ink to the nozzle flow.

Thermal bubble technology Thermal bubble technology advantage of simple structure, the cost is relatively low, this nozzle on the nozzle to improve the density and the number of very favorable, HP, or the Canon color inkjet printer nozzles could range from hundreds to more than a thousand, and Epson color inkjet printer nozzle anywhere from several tens up to no more than 400 compared to simply not in a platform, increasing the number of nozzles to improve printing speed, so on the whole, HP or Canon inkjet printers print faster .

By thermal bubble technology work in high temperature and pressure nozzle makes it clear the nozzle self-cleaning ability with a strong, relatively prone to nozzle clogging, but it also makes the nozzle under high temperature and pressure at work to shorten the life of Therefore, the use of thermal bubble inkjet printer technology, almost all began with one cartridge and the nozzle structure, the future as technology advances, ink cartridges and heads split structure to appear, but even so hungry and can not micro-nozzle life Epson piezoelectric nozzle technology comparable.

Comparison between the output device Usually we think of equipment for photo output only digital printing, sublimation printers, inkjet printers. Dye-sublimation printer to print a single medium, print, limited format, print high cost, only for some special purpose, such as printing services, tourist attractions, snapshots, etc., out to compare the apparently meaningless, so we only need two Output compares can draw the appropriate conclusions.

1, invested Expensive digital printing equipment, in particular the width of more than A3-format photographs of more expensive, while inkjet printers from several hundred dollars to several million, compared to a difference of several times of digital printing equipment, or even a hundred times.

2, output speed

Digital printing equipment expensive, but the output speed, suitable for large-scale production, mainly for photo studio, photo studio and unit groups.

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