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Philips Car Audio Scene To Observe Cheer Groups F1 Chinese Grand Prix – Philips, Car Audio And Video

4 16? 18 Formula One World Championship was held in Shanghai, China’s major awards, Philips Car audio Organized a group of 30 people to observe the scene for the Williams F1 and cheer. Williams

Philips is a major sponsor, The Chinese Grand Prix result by Philips Car Video Distributors and customers at all levels of general concern, quality of life for this Philips Greater China, and China jointly invited to Beijing Fei Trade Co., Ltd. Dongsheng, general manager of Lairui Feng, Shanghai general manager Ren Shan Shan Sheng, Shanghai Kin Chau Li Yongjiang, general manager, Sun, general manager of Shanghai Bao cart power companies operating in Chongqing in the southwest, general manager of steam YANG Yi-ping, Zhang Qiang, General Manager of Chongqing, Chongqing and other powerful representatives and distributors HC Network First Business Group General Manager Chen Zhaojun, car audio and video network in conjunction Rao, Chief Operating Officer Kam and “luxury cars Zhi”, “Kyushu sound change” and other media representatives to come to Shanghai, the scene feel the passion of F1; Huayang GM General Manager has Renwu, Hua Fei-commerce Mao Jianying and quality of life, general manager of Greater China, Philips, director of the Business Plan, Gong Hai, audio and video products market, accompanied by senior manager Chen Jiazhen watch. Spectators during the two sides also exchanged in-depth communication and exchange.

Zero F1 experience Williams F1 as a handful of private teams, is F1 history, one of the greatest teams, the largest number so far won the drivers championship. As Williams’s main sponsor, Philips car audio cheer group not only by the VIP reception, but also invited to visit the Williams team’s workplace, Zero feel the charm of F1.

VIP reception hall is not only prepared a rich western food, wine, and even drink soda water, mineral water is specially imported from Italy, and key service personnel are exclusively from the Dutch capital Amsterdam. April 18, Michael Michael Schumacher world is to come to VIP reception hall, and on-site interaction between fans. The presence of representatives from dealers feeling that no door can not enjoy the thought of pure European-style service, and also did not expect the king of F1 up close.

Competition in the market like a car

2006, the Philips Williams occasion of the most difficult, as the team’s main sponsor. Since 1977, Frank Williams Since the establishment of the team, he single-handedly, and world-class depot at the counter, and has made brilliant achievements. The reason why the team sponsored by Philips, is the Chinese and the dedication of Williams.

As a world class brand carriers, Philips hundred dedicated video industry, a global audio and video products, the major inventors and reformers. 2009, Philips has launched car audio and video products, just one year the market will quickly occupy high ground. In Brazil, Philips car audio retail market has been among the top three ranks; the Chinese market because of brand awareness though weak, relatively slow, but also successfully established a strong brand image, is towards the top three goals.

2010, the Philips line of car audio and video will be flying into the sound of audio technology. Acoustic sound is the Philips patent, can MP3 The source also originate CD The effect of substantially improving the quality of car audio host. Flying into the surrounding sound technology, Philips will create a worldwide one-stop car audio system, acoustic experience to lead in the core technology advantage.

Made a special trip came the events, Beijing Dongsheng, general manager of Lai Ruifeng said: “I have been in this industry 20 years, had never been such a burning passion.” Beijing Dongsheng Philips car audio and video in 2009 as a good dealer, received a Department of Audi A6 sedans incentives, depend on the total experience to a Philips car audio driving fast as the pace of development, and future. Lai always said, the market competition and F1 car is similar to the surface than the driver’s spot to play, in fact, the technology behind the competition, Philips car audio has a strong technical advantage, will run more faster!

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