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There are many products available which claim to help you destress and unwind from your day, though many are nothing more than hype. However, as I discovered whilst reading through some Totally Tranquil reviews, there are some which are far more effective.

With Totally Tranquil from the team at Holothink, proven Neuro-technological advances have been incorporated to create an audio program. At the first time of listening, it seems nothing more than a rather pleasant, relaxing meditation track. However, reading up on the tech, what your brain is actually hearing is something far more than you realize.

Audibly, you hear pleasant sounds, tones and sensations. However; on a different level your brain is picking up signals on differing frequencies. Think of it as something akin to how a dog whistle works; when we blow such a device; no sound is produced, however, blow it near a your hound and you’ll see somewhat of a different reaction! The human brain works in much the same way; picking up on sounds that we otherwise “cannot” hear.

What is clever about these frequencies; is they can change how the brain works. This isn’t to say that we are all ready to be rendered mindless idiots, it is more a way of saying to your brain, “Hey buddy, slow down a minute; take some time out.”

A lot of self help CDs of this nature tend to have some sort of therapist leading you into a relaxed state. Totally Tranquil doesn’t; relying only on the sounds and tones to relax you. As a result, you can completely drift away knowing that you won’t miss an important instruction. Far more relaxing I’m sure you’ll agree.

It is not an expensive program either, costing between forty and fifty dollars in most places. Whilst this obviously does not offer any assurances of success, it could be affordable to many and the two month money back guarantee will offer some assurance that Holothink believe in their product. But before spending your hard earned, this Totally Tranquil Reviews suggests trying their 10 minute free trial to test drive the product for yourself in the first instance.

Peter Hill is a self improvement addict and avid follower of the meditation culture. He runs an informational website that provides tips, articles, and free Totally Tranquil mp3 samples. To take advantage of this cool stuff and more make sure to check out Peter’s website Totally Tranquil Review at

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