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Accessing the Local News with the Samsung Mesmerize


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association The Samsung Mesmerize is a capable little smart phone released by Korean media marketer Samsung, a. And even though it hasn’t been on the market for more than a handful of weeks, the Mesmerize has already become a very well regarded phone in both on and offline circles […]

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New Golf Cart – A Sensible Investment: News


by nordique In the busy life you crave to play golf to soothe and unwind your mind and body but are not willing to trot back and forth in the golf course carrying the heavy golf equipment. That is why most golfers these days insist on riding a golf cart. Renting one sometimes proves to […]

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Latest Video Drivers – How To Solve Video Problems In Minutes

You already know the importance of video on your computer, but you may not know the importance of the latest video driver download. These downloads are what make the video card work properly. Even if your video is working, it could stop at any time without the latest software. In fact, if you are experiencing […]

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Text Messaging Sounds, Wallpapers and Applications for Phones

Before, cell phones have a single purpose and that is to communicate with other people through calls but now new designs emerged and some of them have new features to share with the world. Today’s cell phones are all about features and size. Some new models are equipped with camera settings that can be zoomed […]

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Weekly news in pictures: October 3rd

As a rule, we will start a new week by reviewing weekly news through pictures. The world in the previous week has a lot of news on social activities and natural phenomenon. Besides that, photographers all over the world captured wonderful photos of various events. For example, nearly 700 Londoners dressed up as gorilla to […]

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Making Merry In Car Using The Car Entertainment Equipment


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Modern entertainment technology has entered our homes, offices and even our automobiles like the cars, SUVs, RVs and others. This has been the result of fast growing technologies of the audio-visual systems and their accessories. Now, you can have the home entertainment systems in the form of home […]

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Cars To Get Smartphone Applications In New Genre Of Cars


by DVS1mn For all those car aficionados who were missing smartphone applications on their power vehicles will be pleased to know that soon the smartphone features will be available in the cars. The experts are working on new technology on the car application in which the passengers could download the song they wish to hear. […]