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Streaming A Video Player For Your Website – Quick Review!


by mrjyn One precious advice for all those who want to stream using a video player on your website is to pay attention to the details you will most probably find as very important. Carefully studying and analyzing what i learned about this, i realized several important items which you ought to be informed about. […]

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BYO Audio – A Video Streaming Review

 Now if you are considering internet advertising and marketing and need audio and video, you can simplify the process. Adding video and audio can help make you stand out amongst the crowd. Audio/Video engages the senses in a way that the printed word alone can’t do and it all can do in a matter of […]

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[photo] Winnov Video Capture Card Company Videum002av – Streaming Media, Video Cards, Broadband – Hc

Videum 002AV video capture card U.S. Winnov Inc. for China streaming media encoding server integrators and designed the first low-cost performance, and streaming audio capture card Videum002, it integrates the two acquisition cards as a card to below the current market single capture card price, for the integrators to provide better flexibility, dramatically reducing the […]