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Weekly News in Picture (November 15 – 20)


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association There are many noticeable events happening every week, called weekly spotlights, related to all the fields of life including culture, society, politics, sport, economics, entertainment, and so on. At each field, there are lots of highlighted events contributing into the huge deal of news and events around the […]

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Breaking News of the Week (November 20)


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association The early week was flooded by news around the world. Let’s review breaking news of this week.   The devastating earthquake in January turned the whole country into rubble and killed over 300,000 lives. Now, Haiti is fighting with the second battle against cholera outbreak. Data released on last […]

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News in Brief through Photos: November 8

35,500-year-old axe was found. Suicide bomber happened in northwestern Pakistan, taking the lives of nearly 90 people and injuring 100. Huge mudslide in Costa Rica killed at least 20 people and left 14 missing. Above-mentioned news are among the most outstanding recently. Let\’s know more about what are currently happening through the following stories. Archeologists […]