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Whenever you think of New York city, what comes to mind are fashionable women in high heels, yellow cabs, busy people and chatty cab drivers. New York is truly the top cosmopolitan city and you can find anything you desire here. I love New York from what I have seen in the Sex and the City series through the eyes of Carrie Bradshaw. There are many famous New Yorkers who have called this unique city their home and attained fame and fortune here. Here is a list of famous New Yorkers.For them, the lawn, the net, the ball and the racket beckons and nothing else matters. That is what is the ‘advantage’ they have got in their lives. There are no deuces and there are no faults. Only the match points. Well, no prizes for guessing here as to what I am referring to! I am referring to the famous tennis players of all time! These are the players who have ruled the nets and have ruled the hearts of tennis aficionados! Here I ‘serve’ you the best amongst the best when it comes to tennis players – the famous tennis players!The year 2009 was a landmark year for some tennis players on the ATP tour. Beginning with Roger Federer’s tears after failing to capture the Australian Open and his 14th Grand Slam, and culminating with a Davis Cup whitewash of the Czech Republic by Spain, the year saw a lot of achievements by players and some of the best tennis ever. In between the Federer anguish and Spain’s celebration, there was also Soderling’s famous victory over Rafael Nadal in the French Open, and Juan Martin del Potro’s first Grand Slam title at the US Open. And not forgetting Nikolay Davyedenko, who won the ATP World Tour Finals in November. All in all, an unforgettable year, with unforgettable tennis, especially the Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick, which is definitely the best match of the year by far.Besides all this, there was plenty of action on the ATP circuit, with players fighting tooth and nail for titles and ranking points. Gone are the days when there was just a Pete Sampras or a Roger Federer dominating the sport. Today, all of the top ten players are competitive enough to give anyone a run for their money. The perfect example is, of course, Robin Soderling, who at number 9 in the world, defeated the World Number 2 Rafael Nadal, and the world number 3, Novak Djokovic, in the year ending Barclay’s ATP World Tour Finals. He unfortunately didn’t win the tournament, but finished the year ranked number 8 in the 2009 ATP tennis rankings.Keeping in the mind the competitiveness on the ATP circuit, and the fight for ATP ranking points, it makes sense to see how the top players fared at the various tournaments over the course of the year. But before we move on to the tournaments, lets take a brief look at the various tournaments, the ranking procedures, and the calendar year for men’s tennis.The ATP ranking system in men’s tennis is a bit confusing to explain properly. The way it works is that a player gets points for the tournaments he plays in. Of course, the points for any particular tournament keeps increasing with the level the player reaches in that particular tournament. For example, consider a tournament which has four rounds, a quarter final, a semi-final, and then the final. Players will receive more points the further they advance in the tournament. That is to say, a first round loser might get 5 points, while a semi-final loser might get 200 points. The winner, of course, gets the most number of points. The points are called ATP Ranking Points and are used to determine players ATP rankings for the year.Unfortunately, its not that simple though. There are two or three more twists to this ranking system that can boggle the mind at first. The first twist is that there are different tournaments that offer different points. For example, Grand Slams offer 2000 ATP Ranking points to the winner, while ATP World Tour 250 Events offer just 250 points to the winner. Of course, there are just the four Grand Slams in the year, while there are about 40 ATP World Tour 250 Events in the year, so it works out. So, there are different tournaments across the year – Grand Slams, ATP Tour 1000 Events, ATP Tour 500 Events, ATP Tour 250 Events, and Challenger and Futures Series, that all give different points to the players, again, depending on how far they advance in the rnament.The second twist that makes this ranking more difficult to understand is the concept of the ‘rolling point system’, along with the amount of titles one can play in a year. The rolling concept is something where the points that a player earns from tournaments are kept till the next time those tournaments occur, i.e. one year, When he competes in that tournament again, his performance in that tournament will determine his points. Confusing? Let me explain with an example. Let’s say a player wins the 2009 US Open title. For that he gets 2000 ranking points. These 2000 ranking points stay with him till the 2010 US Open, where his performance in the 2010 US Open will determine the ranking points he gets. If he wins the title again, then he ‘retains’ or ‘defends’ his 2000 points. However, if he loses in the semi-final, he gets just 1000 points, thus effectively losing 1000 points of his previous year’s 2000 points. If he cannot play in the tournament, he is unable to defend his points and loses them all. This system is calculated for all tournaments, based on a 52 week ATP calendar.The third twist is the number of tournaments that are taken into account for the ranking. The ATP has fixed a number of tournaments from which the ranking points are taken and counted towards the year end ranking. The four major grand slams, 8 ATP World Tour Masters 1000, and the year ending Barclay’s ATP World Tour Finals are the mandatory events that count towards the players ranking. In addition to these 12+1 [you have to qualify for the Barclay’s ATP World Tour Finals] tournaments, a player’s 4 best results from the ATP World Tour 500 series and 2 best results from the ATP World Tour 250 series [including Challenger and Future Series] are included in the ranking. So, there are a total of 18+1 tournaments that the ATP looks at while determining a players ranking. More on the types of the tournaments later.Based on all these factors, the ATP ranking system is determined, and players are ranked for the year. With the current 52 week rolling policy in place, it had become more difficult for players to earn points. They have to be consistently winning tournaments to be highly ranked, as the ranking does not have any start and end dates.The ATP ranking system is fairly confusing, but once the concepts are understood, it will be easy to follow.This is a year ending tournament that gives 1500 ranking points for the winner of the tournament. This is the highest level of ATP tournaments after the Grand Slams. The top eight players of the year qualify for this tournament, which is played on a round robin basis. This is a very important tournament for the top 8 due to the high number of ranking points available here. This is also an additional tournament from where the ranking points of the players who qualify for this tournament are counted towards their year end ranking.The above are the five most important tournaments that players compete in, to earn ranking points. In all, there are 64 tournaments throughout the year, of which only 18 are counted towards ranking points. Thus, players have to concentrate on the bigger tournaments to rank higher. Also, players can’t just play the grand slams only, they have to work their way up the ladder to earn enough points to qualify to play in bigger tournaments. Top players have to work harder at the Grand Slams to qualify for the year end tournament, which allows them one extra tournament to earn ranking points.Thus, it can be seen that Roger Federer’s appearance in all the Grand Slam finals, plus the two Grand Slam titles he won, and the additional titles he secured over the course of the year, ensured that he regained the top spot from Rafael Nadal. Nadal, on the other hand, could not match up to his performance of 2008, losing the French Open and not winning a single title after May. Other notable performers include Swede Robin Soderling, who with a dream run in the ATP World Tour Finals, climbed a spot and finished on number 8, pushing Fernando Verdasco to the number 9 spot. Andy Roddick, who could not compete in the World Tour Finals, moved down to number 7 in the 2009 ATP tennis rankings, allowing Nikolay Davyedenko to clinch the number 6 spot. The others [Djokovic, Murray, del Potro, and Tsonga] stayed where they were, at number 3, 4, 5 and 10 respectively.Back
With all these new policies in place, and all the top ten players being fiercely competitive and capable of reaching the number one spot, tennis has taken on a whole new dimension. The 2009 ATP tennis ranking and results show that the number 1 spot will be fiercely contested in the 2010 season. Nadal, Djokovic and Murray will all be trying to oust Roger Federer from the top spot and claim it for themselves. With action starting from the first week of January 2010 itself, all tennis fans are in for a cracker of a season.Practice makes perfect. The only process to perfect the throws and bashes is to stay on exercising the stroke of the similar form again and again till you are satisfied. The formula to reach this is to drill with a tennis ball machine. This tennis ball machine look back will enlighten you that no other person want with enthusiasm remain with you and get 100 tennis balls at you when you exercise. But nobody will be able to throw it at you at the same rate, at the similar many times just so you could improve one move. You’ll require a good tennis ball machine in this matter.What are the specifications of this tennis ball machine?It for the most part looks on your demands, in fact. Nevertheless, the most efficient tennis ball machine to acquire is one that gives you fine range and total setup of speed, time separations, height, spins around and oscillation. Regardless your degree is, may you be a novice or a master, you will be able well adjust the machine to your needs. In addition to, a lot of friends of different level may use it as well.For a novice, what you require to practice on is precision and to fix your pace in hitting the ball. You would need for a slow and steady pace to warm you up. You can also set your ball machine at different intervals so you won’t be surprised with fast pitches.If you intend to get things up more sophisticated, you may turn on the gyration with a small slow speed setting. In this way, you can have the sensation of moving toward the ball and being prepared for it without the pressure. While you get used to used, you can step by step increment the speed. That’s the wonderful thing about making a tennis ball machine that is super controllable to satisfy your needs. A good ball machine is the Silent Partner ball machine that contains the majority of the configurations that we require. It prices circa $ 1,400 and to be sincere with you, it’s already a well deal for a tennis ball machine. There is also the Tennis Tutor and the Lobster, whole of which have the cost a few hundreds higher than the Silent Partner.Other tennis ball machine survey would get you good feedback on the Silent Partner since it’s a reliable machine and in addition it’s not so costly compared to the different marks. However, the Tennis Tutor and the Lobster both bear the similar features plus a few additional features. Not too big, however.That is the cause why you need to pick the machine that must bring you what you require in only a push of a button. The finest tennis ball machines that you should find are unquestionably not low-priced thus be sure that you pick the proper one for you.Be assured that you take one that is in addition easy to transport and long-lasting. If you’re the one who travels and has to take the machine with you frequently in a vehicle, better pick up something movable or at the least something that goes in the automobile. Likewise, take something that you can easily carry or pull across courts. Sure enough, you do not wish to seem haggard just by the assay of transporting the tennis ball machine.

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