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Moon Dough Reviews


An amazing new toy for kids is the indescribable and amazing Moon Dough.  This product is basically a Playdough type clone, but updated for the twenty first century using vibrant colors and intriguing textures.  As the manufacturer says, I think it really is completely out of this world.  The dough is squishy, soft, plump, chewy, light, and a fun moldable material.  Here we want to take a closer look at the incredible Moon Dough, and the different kits that are available.


There are many aspects of Moon Dough that distinguish it from Playdough, and a considerable improvement.  First of all, this play material will never dry out.  That is correct, unlike Playdough the Moon Dough batter stays soft, pliable, and light no matter how long it is left outside the storage container.  This play putty is also made from wheat free materials which means it is hypo allergenic and completely safe from any allergies.  Mood Dough has been released in eight vibrant colors including white, green, blue, purple, orange, pink, red, and yellow.  All basic Moon Dough materials packs come with lids that have molds already in them, and ready to start playing with immediately.


Moon Dough is very simple to set up and start using.  All your child must do is take it out of the container and press it in to a ball.  You will want a flat and clean surface available like a counter top or table, and you can even use it on a smooth floor.  If you are worried about the messes, then just cover up the play surface with a plastic sheet than can be easily thrown away when done playing.  Moon dough is a toy that will stimulate the creativity of your child and motivate them to invent new ways to play with it.


For you moms you need to know that Moon Dough is very easy when it comes time to clean up.  Just have your child make a ball of the batter and begin to dab any stray pieces and loose bits.  When you have done this just clean up the surface with a damp cloth.  Moon dough will never dry out, so you do not have to worry about it getting hard, cracking, and flaking off like with Playdough.  The batter is easy to store in any tub or container and you do not have to worry about sealing it up with an air tight lid.  If you happen to get some Moon Dough in your carpet there are no worries at all.  Just dab it up with a batter ball, then sift your comb through the carpet, and then vacuum up any remaining materials.  It is as easy as that and you do not have to worry about it being toxic to your child, pets, or household.


Moon Dough Diner Review – This is really a fun an enjoyable Moon Dough kit.  With this play set your child will theme the kit in to their favorite fast food restaurant.  When playing with the Moon Dough Diner you child will enjoy using the batter to make fries, milk shakes, and potato wedges.  Then you will be amazed when you turn the hand crank on the molding Diner tool and a hamburger comes out the other end.  Your favorite fast food meal will be magically created with this kit, giving your child hours of enjoyment.  The Moon Dough batter will never dry out and you can keep reusing it over and over again.


Moon Dough Puppies Review – With the Moon Dough Puppies play set your child will create their very own hairy canine friends.  Using this set you can create dog bones, a creative dog house, and eating bowls for your favorite poochie.  Make creative and enticing looking doggy treats as much as you please.  Then you can turn the handle of the batter forming mechanism and out the other end comes a puppy, almost like magic.  Make many different canine creations over and over again, because the Moon Dough batter will never dry out or wear out.


Moon Dough Ice Cream Kit Review – With the Moon Dough Ice Cream Kit you child will have endless fun making their favorite summer time treats.  Use the molds to make different types of cones and dishes for the ice cream.  Then turn the handle of the ice cream kit and out comes up to six different toppings for your ice cream.  You never know what will come out of the ice cream machine as you turn the handle with surprises at every turn.  Make wonderful looking sundaes, or just your favorite bowl of ice cream topped to your hearts desire.  Mall ups scoops of ice cream in as many as six different colored looking flavors.  Your child will enjoy playing with Moon Dough and you never have to worry about the batter dying out.

If you are looking for a unique creative toy for your children then you should consider Moon Dough. Find out more information, reviews, and availability for Moon Dough by visiting

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