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Making Fun Photos With Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorials

We have all been there … you are looking at your friends vacation pictures and you feel yourself falling asleep from sheer boredom. Fortunately Adobe Photoshop allows us to take those dull photos and create some lively entertainment. You can even take those photos that everyone yawns at and create some amazing gifts that people will surely love.

While Photoshop has long been considered the tool for professional photographers only you may be amazed that if you give yourself a bit of time to learn the program you will quickly be able to turn your photos into masterpieces. While learning the more difficult tools you can always rely on the easier, fun tools to provide what you will need to edit your photos.

Photoshop comes included with hundreds of tools that allow you to edit and manipulate your photos, below are only a few of what you can expect to find. So at present the best solution to discover the most important tools to start off with, is to take a learn by viewing adobe photoshop video tutorials

Ever wonder why all the professional models look so great? Photoshop comes with warping tools that allow you to manipulate your photos and, once it is mastered, allows you to add or subtract weight from your subjects, among other things. If you want 12-pack abs but don’t want to go to the gym all you need to do is figure out this amazing tool and you will fool even your mother.

Another tool often used by professional photographers is the smudge tool. Want flawless skin? If you have a close up picture of your face or any face, and there are imperfections in the face such as scars, pimples and wrinkles, you can remove them with the smudge tool. This will make the subject’s face look smoother and also younger.

Want to remove objects in your photo or replace backgrounds? The lasso tool allows you to select a particular part of the picture and then remove it. For example, if you are standing in your garden you can use the lasso tool to easily select your whole body and cut it out of the photo. Then you can paste the object you cut on another background, such as behind the Arc de Triumph in France or behind the famous windmills in Netherlands.

Wish to turn your photograph into a watercolor? All you need to do is use Photoshops built in filters and your photo instantly turns into whichever you choose. A few of the options include watercolor, charcoal drawing, sketch, etc.

Easily insert text or captions onto your photos using the text tool. Now you will never forget who was standing next to you during your college graduation or retirement party. Recently divorced but don’t want to toss your photos out the window? Easily remove unwanted objects and you will be able to keep all the photos, minus the unwanted objects or individuals.

These are only a small portion of the amazing things that you can do with Adobe Photoshop. Once you master the basics and delve deeper into the program you will see that I have only scratched the surface of this powerful program. Take your time and find out how you can turn your ordinary photographs into extraordinary works of art, by having a looking at free sample adobe Photoshop video tutorials.

Did you find this article useful? Curious about learning photoshop basics? Well now you can by watching this Photoshop Sample Video…what are you waiting for? Grab your Free Adobe Photoshop video tutorials for beginners today!

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