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Madden 2008 Review

The most notorious sports video game of the year is available. Many critics and even devoted Madden fans have been perturbed with Madden recently because they have been the same old Madden. Some would even go as far as to say that there has not been many innovative features after Madden 2005 (which introduced the hit stick). Others believe that Electronic Arts is not striving to make the best NFL game because there is no competition. Since EA bought the exclusive NFL rights, they have been making the same old Madden video games. Madden 2008 is an exception to that rule because it is brilliant. After an average three iterations of Madden that have disappointed fans, Madden 2008 will definitely please fans. The visuals are amazing on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but they are dreadful on the Nintendo Wii. Players will notice is that the somewhat vexing Tony Bruno is no longer doing his absurd radio show, and the gratuitous newspaper information is nowhere to be seen. The gamplay is more fluid than previous iterations of Madden. Gamers will realize that the players do not arbitrarily run around the field like Bobby Brown addicted to crack cocaine anymore. There have been some minor alterations to the hit stick; moreover, high and low tackles can be executed. The pass rush is more realistic in Madden 2008 than in Madden 2007. You cannot expect to pick up the blitz with only five offensive linemen; you ned to alter your protection and blocking schemes. Quarterbacks will be more precocious because high IQ quarterbacks like Peyton Manning will be able to see what play the defense is running. To counter this, defenders with high IQ will be able to view what play the offense is running. Players with low intelligence like Michael Vick (dog killer) will not be able to read defenses. This feature is only available if the defense or offense runs the same three of four plays every time, but it is still a nice touch and prevents any team from running the same plays every time.

Offensively, the highlight stick has been revamped; more maneuvers can be performed on your way to scoring a touchdown. This is incredible because it reduces contemplating what to do next on the field. Wide receivers have some brand new things to do as well. Spectacular catches and possession catches can be utilized in Madden 2008. Many expert Madden fans will realize that each receiver plays differently. For instance, Hines Ward will attempt a conservative catch because he is a possession receiver. Conversely, Torry Holt will attempt an aggressive catch because he is a spectacular receiver. Another element about receivers is the chess match with defenses. For example, Terrell Owens (the guy who sabotaged the Eagles 2005-2006 year and helped the New York Giants win their division) will be much easier to play bump and run coverage than a swift receiver like Steve Smith. This is because Terrell Owens (the guy who tried to commit suicide last year with pills) is an easier player to press at the line of scrimmage. The same rule applies for Randy Moss (weed smoker). Substitutions are more of a factor in Madden 2008 than last season. Teams like the New Orleans Saints will run a two back system, and Reggie Bush will share the load with Deuce Mcallister. Superstar mode has been overhauled in Madden 2008. Players will have more control on the rating of their created Superstar. He will compete in 40 yard dashes, lift weight, and various other drills to bolster his attributes. This is much more proficient than the asinine DNA mode which was random. Subtle icons are shown under each player to accentuate their field of expertise. For example, Brett Favre has a rocket under his name because he has “rocket arm.” Overall, Madden 2008 has given even the most novice NFL fans something to be elated about. It seems that the Madden franchise is finally heading in the right direction.

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