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here are some reviews about the apartment


From: -Anonymous- 
Date posted: 4/29/2010 
Years at this apartment: 2010 – 2010 This place is ghetto. POINT-BLANK. You certainly get what you paid for, and if I were you, the couple hundred dollars you save is definitely not worth dealing with. And here are the reasons why:


1) Within a week of move-in, I started developing HUGE WELTS on my arms, legs, and even my face. After going to the my doctor and my dermatologist, we found out I had a SEVERE allergic reaction caused by the bug bites. It was weeks/months of complete hell. I woke up several nights scratching myself, some nights I could not even sleep. Considering a lot of people here have complained about the same thing, London Towne obviously knew about the bed bug issue, and didn’t even bother warning us before I moved in(with obvious reasons, of course). This is negligent, and absolutely disgusting! I’ve been living here for several months, and I have to take steroids daily to keep my allergies in check. I still have scars around my ankles and legs from months ago where the bugs bit me.

2) For the several months I’ve lived here, I have constantly (and I mean that with no exaggeration) had issues with the A/C during the summer (in 100 degree weather!) and hot water. The water heater was defective, that for the first few months, I’ve had to take a shower in cold water (during winter time!!), since the water heater only worked every once in a while. Thankfully it stopped working altogether, and they finally had to replace it months after I moved it. There was also a time when we didn’t have gas for more than 10 days because of a gas leak. During that same time, they had to shut the water off at random times during the day. Let me tell you, having the water shut off MID-SHOWER is no fun at all! Also, the bathroom fixtures are old and rusty, and the appliances are VERY VERY old. The dishwasher does not even clean dishes! 

3) Also, for some reason, London Towne will find ways to penalize you for their inefficiency. We always send checks WEEKS before rent was even due (with bank statements to prove it!!), and for some reason they would “lose” those checks, and they require you to pay the late fee. One time, they even sent us a notice of unpaid rent along with late fees, and when we cancelled the check that they “supposedly” didn’t receive and reissued a new one. Then the check that they “supposedly” didn’t receive, “miraculously” appeared and they charged us fees because there was a stopped payment on the check when they tried to deposit it. What a bunch of crooks!!

4) Also, if you like groups of shady people hanging around the parking lot, making noise, and doing who knows what else, then this is the place for you. This is definitely not a safe neighborhood. 

Overall, London Towne definitely lives up to their reputation. I should have listened when people warned me about this place. Thank God we only have a few more months left at this ghetto apartment complex. 

Not A Very Welcoming Staff

From: -Anonymous- 
Date posted: 7/6/2010 
Years at this apartment: 2010 – 2010  Upon inquiring about some of the apartments, one of the staff members told me that they weren’t allowed to give out information on the corporate office unless you are a tenant. What is that’ I am a prospective tenant looking to pay money to live in one of your communities and you are not interested in hearing from me’ After doing a little research (I have my ways) I stumbled upon a corporate number and called and asked my question. When I mentioned what the gentleman had previously told me, she completely ignored me as if I had never said anything and continued on with what she was saying. If that ain’t (excuse my English) the twilight zone, I don’t know what is. If it is that hard to get to corporate to ask a simple rental question, imagine what the tenants go through if they have an escalated issue. I’m just sayin, I wouldn’t want to live in a place where the people who run it are in such an unapproachable position that they can’t even take a phone call. I’m just sayin  


The Worst


From: godsgiftzion 
Date posted: 6/9/2010 
Years at this apartment: 2010 – 2010  I have been living there for at least 3 or 4 months the worst move ever. First it was my heat/ac wasnt working, toilet handle broken and you call and call no one ever comes on time to fix it. Then ive notice my son starts breaking out in all these little tiny bumps scratching his self away. I kept seeing these tiny black bugs in my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. i think the bugs are coming from under there so called clean carpet which i dont think is. i refuse to stay somewhere that has bugs eating my child up. On top of that the dryer has added black marks to all of my clothes which i feel i need to be refunded for. Recently i have called to get corporate number and they refuse to give it out. that shows you how sneaky this apartment complex is. I have no problem with going to 12 on your side if you cant fix my problem or give me the information i need. If anyone has the number please leave it on the board so i can call ASAP. for more on this click the link Apartments For Rent In Richmonde Va

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